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When A New Page Opens

By – Suleiman Murkthar


I felt it before I saw it, the beating sound of triumph that pounded through the air. I heard its whistle as it climbed the mountains, swirling and whirling with the wind, it will whisper and it will scream, it will tells us of our yesterdays the unforeseen that comes tomorrow. It will remind us that the beauty of life is thebubknown but the actions afterwards are our definition of being humans. It spoke, loud and calm, it shrieks and it soared the skies and travells in abyss in to this new phase.

I heard its songs, I felt its waves, Climbing through time in Wuthering heights clapping and throbbing, stampeding its way to better days ushered in by the whooshing sound of this morning breeze, the light and the beauty this morning brings, this morning and many other mornings that comes, kiss forth the stars tonight and other nights as they travel ahead to clear away tomorrow’s storm. Dance in its tune as the dirge of the previous days and nights are over. Tell the world of a promise yet unfolded, a story of blank pages and chapters unwritten. Take up your arm, an arm of a pen, and strike the pages of this stories, start today a story of 12 chapters and 365 pages, write something that gives you joy, makes you cry, makes you laugh, but joy nonetheless. Remember the hurts of yestersays, remember the lessons, remember what had made you cry, remember them well, the who and why, realize the old flames and the burns with which they came and let em go.


Ring out the bells,

Ring out the the tunes

Send away the old,

And sing songs anew

As the year passes tonight, let it die


Ring out the pains

Ring out the cries

Let out thine bane

Kiss forth the rise

As the year passes tonight, let it die


Ring out to the skies that travels far and wide

Let out thine screams for the joys yet to find

Sing out to the dead that rests below

Sing out to their spirits and their souls

As the year passes tonight, let it die


Ring out to laughs, a smile and mercy

To the valiant man that breaks tomorrow free

Ring out to the man that comes forth be

As the sun rises to heavens plea

As the year passes tonight, let all problems die

Rise above the unfortunate acts of this world, engulf your soul and minds in the cacophony of beautiful ode enclosed in this seeming greatness, that promised to be even greater, to be even better. It is a promise yet unfold, a promise never been seen

It is the promise of this tomorrow for me and you,

it is the tomorrow we all have waited desperately for,

it is that tomorrow that comes today

it is 2018 and together we made it there. Welcome to your promise, your new promise.

Remain Blessed all Year Long as u have been in years before this.

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