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You Need New Pair Of Eyes

By – Uchechi Iroakazi

Your perception, affects how you interpret everyday events. It determines your attitude to life. For instance, for some people, it’s disrespectful to give or receive items from them with your left hand. While for someothers, it doesn’t matter. Your belief system always play an essential role in your life.

In August 2015, my class was scheduled to write the second MBBS professional exam; a medical exam that qualifies medical students to be in the teaching hospital( Clinic student).

Prior to the exam, i lived in perpetual fear. I invested my time thinking of how hard the exam would be.Instead of actually preparing for it. As a result, i lagged behind. It was a bad period for me. I had conditioned my mind to accept defeat. I saw the exam as a mountain that couldn’t be knocked off. Trust me, I’m brilliant. However, my intelligence was subdued because i had acquired the i-cannot- pass- this- exam mentality.

I finally wrote the exams. Results were published, and i got what i had expected— a repeat year. I didn’t pass, so i had to join a lower class. I was crestfallen.

Soon after nursing my wounds, I picked myself right up and strategized. If i was going to win this time around, then i had to overhaul my inner system. I had to acquire a new pair of eyes.

I redefined the exam as a walk over. This helped evacuate the fear and pressure i had faced before. I saw this challenge in a whole new light. So i studied without an iota of fear. When time came to write the exam, i was more than ready. The results were published and i passed. Sucess felt good. I had overthrown this challenge. I became the epitome of sheer victory.

Perception defines your altitude in life. You have a responsibility of weeding off mindsets that limit you. You ought to fly high in the sky and you will. Nothing has the power to defeat you, unless you think so.

Have the best week dearie.

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  1. I really admire your resilience… Nice one

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