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Nairabet , The New Religion ?

By – Odey Emmanuel


It is pertinent to bring to the fore the skyrocketing pulls of force that has engulfed the gambling or betting houses known with several distinvtive names as Nairabet, Naijabet, Saharanet, etcetera . It has become so ubiquitous, so much of a tradition nowadays youths especially the males, now abandon their jobs which they describe as petty because according to them, it fetches little or no money compared to the handsome rewards that comes with meticulous predictions of the games that follows suits, cutting across several continents of the world. This new gig, in a way has provided a source of livelihood for more than 50 percent of the Nigerian youths who may have been stranded in the middle of lifes mammoth challenges and need to meet the infinite desires and wants that is accrued to life and existence. I have seen youths ignore fellowship with their brethrens in religious houses because they want to be present to see through the matches predicted as they go down. I have seen youths stuck with papers carrying these predictions, holding it firmly as it their life and breathe depends on it. I have seen maasive influx of youths to these gambling houses every now and then in their buccaneering nature more than I see them answer to the call of prayers in religious houses.

It should be noted that this new religion garnered more disciples and followers and has become even more conspicuous in the present administration. This could however, easily be linked to either the sheer growth of love for football by the youths or the sad truth that the present administration is yet to provide enough jobs as promised earlier and the youth in their seeming exuberance and search for jobs to containing their needs, had to scratch their backs themselves. It is difficult however to state categorical which of the two reasons; whether the latter of former has actually fueled this course. Coming from a neutral angle and a lineage with no powers to pass judgment, I lay bare before you truths in black and white slates, you judge.

Every action has it pros and cons but most times the carelessness of youth and the enthusiasm of the same become like scales, so much they deny them the ability to see beyond their nose. Addictions are not always a good trait especially when one is addicted to anything that involves gamble for money. It is fair to say that anyone can go whatever length to satisfy this pricking urge, and that in itself is a course for concern. The government on their path can checkmate this influx by providing adequate job opportunities to cut down on Individuals who participate in this righteous evil. I have seen those who were close to winning large sums of money but were betrayed by the performance of one club or another and they slumped in the process and were rushed to the clinics. I have seen some also who actually danced back to their homes with millions as rewards for their loyalty and steadfastness. It is a tale of bitter sweet memories however one must thread with caution as addictions most times are difficult to let go.

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  1. Its wow how u manage to put this words together. Good job

  2. The thing has really become addiction amongst youth.

  3. Knowledge is profitable to direct, weldone odey

  4. Indeed Knowledge is profitable to direct, weldone odey

  5. Completely hilarious but truthful piece

  6. U ooze wisdom my dearie

  7. Nice piece dear

  8. good job emmy. I love this

  9. Gambling has always been a social vice.lets desist from it

  10. Brilliant piece of work

  11. A very thoughtful one Emmy

  12. Well crafted Emma

  13. great piece

  14. well said man…Keep the good work

  15. When you have passion for what you do it makes you outstanding…You are indeed a warehouse of knowledge

  16. keep soaring man…Nice piece

  17. chukwu Chima bright

    I wonder where all this inspiration come from…Nice piece man

  18. You are gud bruh…

  19. Nice piece bruh..

  20. Great work…

  21. Laid black and white bro.

  22. U re a really amazing writer keep the hard work moving… Thumbs up

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