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You Mustn’t Go To School But You Must Be Educated

By – Lois Peters

Hmmmm, the subject of education has been my muse as a writer.

I believe in the information age and that this is a knowledge economy. Hence, education becomes highly imperative for everyone who must or will succeed.

Yet I can’t digest the fact that most people confuse schooling for education. Having listened to a carefully scripted poem by Suli Breaks, “WHY I HATE SCHOOL BUT LOVE EDUCATION”, it gave birth to a new paradigm in me and accentuated my then unfounded claims and convictions.

The folly of any society is to think that what we do in school is education or that education only occurs within the four walls of a school. Howbeit, there are many unschooled people who however are successful and are educated.

Having the kind of system of education we do have, it is almost inconsequential to nurture the thought of schooling as against getting educated. A society where graduates are of no economic value. For what they had within them were not truly harnessed and therefore, were not truly educated.  Yet most of them have got degrees more than a thermometer but yet can’t tell the temperature of the society we live in.

A society were the unschooled seem more educated than the schooled. Then it begins to beg the question; what truly is education? What was education designed to achieve? Does education end after the 6-3-3-4 system of education we have submitted to?

A society were the unschooled are more successful than the schooled and are CEOS. Yet people are still mandated to go to school as a prerequisite for employment and success. And I’m asking; which employment exactly? What hope then stands for the next generation?

Education is first the discovery of what a person has and is endowed with, then is trained in that area to be able to provide/proffer solutions to the society’s problems in that particular field. But here, we subject everyone to pass through a thoughtless system and hence, produce half baked graduates. we forget that Sabbath was made for man and not man made for Sabbath. If a system ain’t producing results, why not evaluate and reinvent them. Or maybe our current system of education is contributory for someone’s fat account.

Some youths come out believing that they are duns and uneducatable. And yet we also forget the words of a wise man,”if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it will spend the rest of its life, believing it is an illiterate or a duns.”

True education is empowerment!

True education seeks to leave a person better than you met them. True education makes you economically valuable and a societal impact. And this kind of education, I’m sorry to say, is not found in our school system. And can still be found outside of the school system.

Let’s forget the bandwagon effect. Who says it’s a must we all must go through the four walls of a school?  Who says you are only relevant in the world if you do? Ask the likes of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Jesus.

Rules were meant to be broken. After all they were written by men of a certain paradigm. And a new paradigm stands a better chance than a former paradigm!

Even most of the text books we use in the sciences were written by men who never crossed the four walls of a school, yet were educated. How do you figure?

I think, a nation will succeed to the degree of educated people she has and not the amount of graduates she produces. And hence, should encourage education and not just schooling. For there is a huge disparity between schooling and education.

My dear reading friend, to tell you the truth; you must not all go to school, but you must all, be educated.

… A piece by one is highly educated and a solution provider leaving a life of impact!

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