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Move On

By – Odey Emmanuel

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It is like the rising of the sun from the east, lightening up your everyday, and weeks and the many days to come. It is the long awaited epoch to get into the mood and do those things right, the one you probably fell short of the just ended year. It is a fresh start, another chance, new challenges, revived hope, and mammoth trials to bring to life that which has suffered in the hands of procrastination and the devouring uncertainties that prevailed over your life and consumed every part of your being leaving you with nothing but hopes and wishes.

Like I mentioned earlier, the sun is out already, take those shrewd decisions now before it snails and glides into an already early misfortune. Be part of the insightful people that will take that decision in the heyday while it is quite sunny and blossoming out there.

Meanwhile, as you sail through in your quest to making the right decisions and straightening all crooked paths, be sure to be nice to people, treat all men equally and fairly as much as you can in your day to day endeavor. These things are the basic ingredient to making the world a better place and home for all. The need to treat people without slight, the need to accommodate all men without religious biases and sentiments. When these principles are observed, be sure that posterity will have you in her good books, she will applaud you many years after you are gone, she will be there to count your good deeds even when the sands of time becomes as sham as to erase your name. She will be present to give account when the forgetfulness and faults of memory lags in its duties.

No man is devoid of errors and some taste of debacle. Every now and then, you will make mistakes; you will call the wrong shots and fall short in many areas of your life. Do not sleep too much on it; it is in the nature of man for these things to happen so that no one is infallible no matter how sanctimonious one paints himself to be. However, one must remember to always make necessary corrections to those mistakes and quickly learn from them. The knowledge one draws from this experience is pivotal and key to moving on, and threading on the right path to being the better you.

Regardless of what transpired between you and the previous year. The insipid relationship you may have heard, the callousness with which she had treated you and all the unsavory details that came with it. I urge that you lay open your mind with readiness and the gasp to endue all that this young age will bring forth. Leave the past in the past that is where it belongs. Be cheerful at all times for good things come only to happy people. Be kind to yourself and always be willing to let somethings go especially the ones that causes pain. Never be too shy to tell yourself the truth. It is the greatest responsibility you owe to yourself and your chance to living a life of freedom.


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  1. Wisdom of Solomon speaking.

  2. Truth all round

  3. Good work bro

  4. You always best what you do..you rock

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  9. Nice piece of writing.a good wat to start up the year

  10. Hmm…. brilliant

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