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On Mordern Day Slavery; How Did We Get Here?

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


I have been in a state of depression since last night; I couldnt sleep after watching the footage of Africans being auctioned off as slaves in Libya. I scoured the internet, going through post after post, video after video and seeing the untold hardship that these people have suffered at the hands of their traders. What wrecked me the most was not the auctioning (and that was absolutely heartbreaking), but the fact that these people are being sold by other Africans. The foremost question on my lips was HOW? When did we get here? How did we get to the point of selling our brothers at a slave market, in 2017? Where did we miss it?

I havent recovered since seeing that footage last night; my social media feed is filled with lots of posts, messages, opinions and what not. But in between the blame games and strong opinions can we take a breather and look inwards for a minute? Yes we know the government has failed us and that is why promising young men and women are looking for a future outside the shores of this wretched country, and we know there is really not much we can do, but it goes beyond eloquent speeches and social media posts. We need to not only talk but ACT. It is not enough to create a hashtag and gets a thousand retweets. Talk is cheap, we need to act. This is why I urge you to lend your voice and make sure it counts. All you have to do is follow any of these links below and sign the petitions




And while we are on the subject of humans selling humans, I ask that we each check ourselves, are we indirectly participating in modern day slavery? Our fore fathers fought too hard, they gave blood sweat and tears to free us from the bondage of slavery, we cant go back to where we used to be. We each have to do better!!

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better. It’s a really disturbing experience. It just shows how savage humans can be when in a position of power. Africans keep going off in this 21st century about how Europe underdeveloped Africa without doing anything to turn the tide and now we see how Africans underdeveloped Africa.

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