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Mental Health: Ways to Make Yourself Mentally Stronger

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh


Building your mental strength is key to self discipline, grit and perseverance, which are vital ingredients for a sound mental version of yourself. I will be sharing seven well researched ways you can build your mental strength.

#1. Reflect in Solitude- Spend 10minutes everyday in a quiet reflection. You will need to consider prime issues in your life such as how you can do things better, what you are doing wrong, or what you want to do better; quiet meditation will help you have clarity on these issues.

#2 Take on Something Tough Every week- psychologists recommend engaging in a tough activity as a mental stimulant. The idea is pretty basic, engaging in a tough activity that forces you out of your comfort zone or makes you face your fears can shift the way you see yourself. This technique will recharge you self confidence.

#3 Be Mindful of Physical Health- your capacity to think better is greatly dependent on a sound physical body. So sleep, exercise and eat healthy. Healthy body equals stronger mind.

#4 Tame that Negative Inner Voice- we all have that negative inner voice that spews out self doubt, self pity, doubt, catastrophic predictions, harsh criticism. Thinking Ill never get promoted, I cant make it, I cant get admitted, I cant pass this scholarship examinations, I cant reach that target This more often than not limits individuals from achieving personal goals. Your brain can be taught to think positively, studies show the way you think can rewire your brain. Your thoughts can affect the way you feel, behave and perceive things. Changing the way you think can improve your life. Remember, you are limited by not what your are, but what you think you cant become. So change any unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns so you dont get stuck in a sink hole of limitation, stagnation and depression.

#5 Adopt a Positive Mantra to Counter any Pessimism- once you are able to tame that negative voice the next step is to adopt a counter active positive mantra. For instance, where you think I cant pass that scholarship exam replace it with if I prepare well, that scholarship exam is a piece of cake if you are thinking I cant reach that target replace it with if I work hard and smart enough, Ill exceed that target

#6 Give up Bad Habits bad habits have the tendency to rob one of mental strength. It could be procrastination, excessive alcohol intake, consumption of hard substances, self pity, bitterness, gossiping etc. Whatever it is, make up your mind to give it up.

#7 Watch Your Intake drinking excessive amount of caffeine triggers a release of adrenaline, the source of fight or flight response in the brain. The fight or flight mechanism sidesteps rational thinking in favour of survival instincts. This might be suitable in a life threatening situation (like when you find your self being chased by a tiger) but not when life throws you a curve that requires rational thinking. Caffeine can place your mind and body into hyper stress mode. Mind you intake could involve other substances people abuse to take the edge off. Substances such as codeine, drugs like transform etc.


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