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Mental Health; A Precursor To Eventual Wealth

By – Lois Peters


Its no longer clich that the greatest asset of a man is his mind. And whenever we lose focus of that, it affects us in ways beyond our imagination. Life has never been a product of just exertion of physical strength. Even the exertion of physical strength, derives its potency from the mind. So its safe to say that the quality of the extent of your do ability and external expression of strength, is largely proportional to the quality of your mental strength. Yet mental strength depends greatly on the quality of your mind; healthy or ill.

Many things are vague but not many things surpasses exposure. A successful life can only be achieved by a healthy person with a healthy state of mind. Most times we think its all about going beyond limit and we tend to forget that our body is a machine that needs constant attention and regular servicing.

My brother is now a health personnel, campaigning for health matters and related topics amongst staff and corporate bodies. He only become one because of the lesson that experience has taught, so rudely I must say. He just survived a major terminal issue (kidney crash) alongside collective tissue disease (whatever that means) and now he goes about all health-ish. And Im like, but my momma once told you these and you refused to listen. Perhaps the only way we learn is when experience teaches us.

Stress is one of the most deadly mental health issues that complicates our wellbeing. Its a physical response to the state of the mind and can cause and lead to many things that affects the total health of a person. But if we learn to manage it right, we can live more productive and healthy lives.

Mental health is basically our emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices. And its important at every stage of our life; from childhood through adulthood.

There are biological factors such as genes or brain chemistry that affects our mental health, however, beyond this is life experience such as trauma or abuse or even family history of mental health problems.

The level of stress we go through as Nigerians to do anything has tripled our chances and exposure to mental illness. You stress to make money, you even stress to eat the money sef.

Most of the social vices like smoking and drinking or using of drugs, are effects of mental illness. Downright tovicious tendencies and reclusiveness even hopelessness and its acts. People who experience such hardly achieve their dreams or amount to anything. And youre wondering the country is all messed up economically and otherwise?

All Im trying to yarn is that if we understand that a healthy life is tantamount to a wealthy life, we will be highly sensitive of all that we do to this body and perhaps, pay great attention to the state of our mind.

People with positive mental health realize their full potential, work productively and make meaningful contributions to their communities. If we must achieve a healthy society or life we must strive to achieve a positive mental health by staying positive, getting enough rest and sleep (I did some today), connecting with others and even getting professional help if you need it, cause at the end of the day, the quality of your life experience is tied to the quality of your mental health and because health is wealth!

Pay attention to your mind, for that is where your life starts from!


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