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Man; The Enemy Of Himself

By – Lois Peters


As I sat in with him in my one on one session, those were the exact words that came from him to me. The first advice or what should I call it, for the year. The events preceding the one to one I had with my boss were enough to make me decide to quit my job. Now dont get any filthy thoughts up in your head, it was nothing sexual.

Before I get into that, Id like to tell you a bit of what happened in the office today.

The office setting is one I never thought myself to be found in. As a young fresher then in school, I always welcomed the thought of having my own business and having people work for me. The thought of going to a 9 to 5 never sat well with me but then, here I was, not just in a 9 to 5 but in 9 to 1am every other day. The office has seen a lot of people come and go at a very quick succession. My boss changes people like he changes his undies; literarily that fast. So I had seen different crop of people come and go; the good, the bad and the ugly. Ive had to sit, smile, fake it if I have to and even feign anger when necessary. My boss, he was the typical stereotype of a Nigerian boss. He barks much more than he bites. His anger can grow from 0 to 100 in just two seconds and he can say things that will break your very convictions of yourself. But amongst all, he has a very soft heart and can bring people very close to him. But it takes a lot of maturity to manage his extremes.

But today, today I cried. Yes, I cried because of a colleague. If only I had the time, I would have enumerated the issue that transpired. Very flimsy yet very annoying, just an issue of misunderstanding. And yes I was blue with anger and my emotional outburst expressed itself in tears. I really do not know why my emotions are always expressed in anger but then thats it. Oh were you thinking it was something elseI just needed to say that for reasons I do not know anyways…

However, Ive seen myself grow and my capacity enlarged during my stay in the office. I can boldly say that my life has changed since I started working with my boss, his shity attitude irrespective.

So back to my one to oneany for the records, a one to one in my office is your time with the boss to give a full report of your achievements and contributions so far and perhaps you get the opportunity to air your concerns and challenges so far. But the he said those words to me because we at the time was chasing a deal that was to pay a huge sum, having been running around the whole day for this deal, I was tired and ready to tuck in by 12am in the morning. Just then my boss sends me a message to come lets discuss profits but unfortunately I was asleep. Only for me to send him a text saying that I was asleep when the message came and guess what my boss said to me, well now, you get your normal pay no commission. Ehhhh! I went mad, after all the stress of running upandan? Hmmm.so I went to meet him and he starts by telling me, man is his own enemy, just at the point when a breakthrough was coming your way Lois, you slept off, you were not ready hellooo, Im talking about some 9 figures here, what is he saying? Mttcchheeww

As much as the situation at hand didnt appeal to me, there is still some truth in what he said, maybe not in this particular scenario but most times in life, we are our own enemy. We hinder ourselves from the opportunities life presents us with.

Life is filled with a lot of opportunities but we most times are not ready to grab it. Our readiness might be a consequence of the limitations of our mindset or environmental factors. But 90% of the time, it is a function of our mental limitations.

Overcoming yourself is greater than overcoming a city. The first and biggest victory a man can achieve is victory over self. The moment we decide to go beyond what we feel and how we feel and surrender to the brutish hand of process, we would never arrive the plains of success and ultimate fulfilment, which is how we were designed to live.

Most times, we are subdued by inconsequential excuses and capitulate to flimsy endearments that tether us to the past or holds us steadfast to the present without a continuous pull to the future. We were created to evolve; evolve from a level of thinking or a state of living to a higher point, blossoming and waxing until we reach the zenith of fulfilment and becoming.

This, we must know that for us to excel in this path, we must have a lot of commitment, passion and conviction to against all odds, overcome our innate limitations whatever they maybe and rise to the crescendo of life.

And just like a sage said, the biggest enemy of man is his own self and to win over it he has to defeat himself; in the process he will hurt himself and each time he does it the feeling of pain will become less but the courage will get more with every victory. Out of this process a real man will be born who will be free of his own self.

To your success, I take a bow!

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