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Making Daring Moves

By – JamylahYusuf


Hello Everyone, trust we are enjoying the holiday season and in crossover mood for 2018.

As usual, a lot of people have been posting resolutions for 2018 on their various social media pages. Half of these people didn’t implement the resolutions they made in 2016, in 2017. So what then is the point right? I guess it’s just one of the things that gives us this air or feel of progress. It is like an entrance rite that has to be performed to step into 2018.

Personally, I undertook not to do any of the clich long list of things i want to do in 2018. I am going to step into 2018 with the mindset of a risk taker.

One thing I surely plan to do is walk the talk. The more reason i won’t be writing any long list. I think, this is a methodology that a lot of people would find useful. Enough with all the long list of plans that are never actualised. We dream a lot, talk a lot about how fantastic those dreams would be when they re finally actualised but how much effort do we put into actualisation of the dreams. If as much work is put into actualising those dreams, they wouldn’t be mere dreams anymore.

A thorough assessment of 2017 would definitely be useful. You would pick lessons from all the wrong steps you took in 2017. So if you find yourself doing similar things as in 2017, ensure that there is a different approach and outcome in 2018.

you may want to work on all the things you’ve been procrastinating about in previous years. Be it your health, your weight, your finance, that course you always wanted to take, the trip you want to make, the crazy things you want to do, the relationship you want to work on. Whatever it is, 2018 is the year you should do it. Don’t think or plan too much about it. Trust me, you won’t do if you keep planning or thinking. Just start, every other thing would sort itself out.

Endeavour to take out every negativity 2017 or previous years brought your way. You do not need any of that in 2018. Be it human beings or activities. Do away with all of it. Be unapologetic about it. Take a stand, its your life and you akone can do it. Nobody else.

2018 is the year you should be less concerned about what other people think of you or what is happening in their lives. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Just be yourself, work really hard, stay focused and do all you want to do happily.

Above all, 2018 is the year you should take your physical and mental health serious. Whatever isn’t healthy physically or mentally for you, drop it as fast as you would drop a hot coal. Dont think twice about cutting toxic people off your life. You may need to be diplomatic here especially if they’re family. Just ensure that you do not have more baggages than you can carry. Give 2018 your best as though it is your last.

Most importantly, in 2018, Grow and Glow unapologetically.

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  1. Well written my dear

  2. I pray 2018 turns out to be the year we have all been waiting for. Nice one mylah.

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