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Life Is A Bumpy Road

By – Odey Emmanuel


Life is a mystery that comes with all its pros and cons. It is that man with scales in his eyes wandering down the hill greeting all that crosses his path regardless of economic status, social standing and religious affiliation. It is that strange man that visits everyday bringing along with him tears, pains, happiness, ecstasy, destruction, and friendship, love, the list goes on, depending on its mood when it saunters its way to your naive innocence or proud guilt and there, it unleashes its venom to suit its wish and array.

Life is a journey of never ending drama, everyday bringing our way one chapter or another. It is in this theatrics we must understand that life is like the two sides of a coin, so that whenever it rains on you, you know that the sun is only a few miles away. It is an anthology that lays open for different people at similar times, so much that while Mr. Adamu may be passing through hell on earth and experiencing the downside of life, Mr. Obi may be enjoying the best and upside of life. This understanding is therefore paramount to sailing through life without much grumble and grouse on the face.

So, when life is acting treacherous and cruel just go through it with the understanding that it is a phase and a norm, and that it will soon reach its end. Understand that, the night may take very long, so that it seems it may never end, but this is only a mirage. For no matter how long the night takes, it must surely give way to the morning and the brightness that comes with it. Have in mind and remember that the sun always paves way for the moon to come play its part a night. This is how it has always been.

There is something about the way the creator has made things to play. He so defined it in a way that exalts uniqueness and rareness. There is this thing about the way the sun shines when it gradually walks out from its hiding, the way it scorches the people underneath makes one think if this callous acts may ever stop however, when its time runs out, it begins to dwindle mysteriously so, and give way to the calmness that comes afterwards. Not to mention how the rain roars in its trembling thunder when it pours so much one thinks it may never cease and then again, it slowly but surely begins to halt.

This is a clear pointer that life generally is a movie that has been scripted before the dawn of creation and that it must play according to the whims and dictates of the director who has seen the end from the beginning and ensure that his actors do not play out of role even as he makes available all that is needed for a successful film. Time is an imperative factor in life, as I pen this down, this moment may be your night or rainy period. Do not dismay, hang in there, for your morning and sun may just be around the corner. Be patient to allow this scene play through and wait with eagerness as your morning comes with the desires you crave.

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  1. Good job Odey.. You are one of a kind

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