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Letter To My Tomorrow

By – Suleiman Murkthar

Past Present And Future Signpost Shows Evolution Destiny Or Aging

Hello darkness my old friend, I am here to say hello again, to witness your right of being, you truth and realization as always have been seen forehand, I will remember your smiles, where you have none, the serendipity of ur outrageous blessings, the words of your silence and attest that I have had dark days, but haven’t we all.

The days when the sun will shine but sadly never enough, never enough to pore through the shattered clouds of the withering hopes that creeps through my veins. I have weeped most of those days, cried with rain and hurt and shriek. Through our delight there I’d always a scream we all try to hide, the pestering demons of our bane glaring straight into our eyes, taking our forms, bearing our names, it takes away the words, our liberty to sing, to own a song, to belong. We try hold on to hope, to some becon of peace, content and satisfaction, but it eats us alive, eats us whole, eats us true. We want to fly, to soar and see the world from the distance blue, but we have our wings clipped and our wishes torn, of leaves is broken, it leaves us hopeless.

It comes in the deep of our hunger, our quest for more, for bigger, for wanting. It comes in height of our laughter, of our joy to snatch away the light maybe not all of it. I will say that we don’t give into the darkness, but don’t we all tell ourselves the same tale, the same stories the same sad truthful lies. Don’t we all pray, in our own uncanny ways, don’t we all believe.

All of the streets I have walked with you friend, wrapped in lovers delight under the stars and cold of you embrace, alone, lonely with you there without. Through those streets where you ignorance of my name grows like a cancer, the recognition of my sufferings and the pleasure derived, the salty tears of content that comes with my tears; tough love.

On this note I write to my tomorrow, to yours and us all out there groping for a dream, for hope, for peace. To our tomorrows, please be kind, be true and emphatic to our struggles and our pains, read the stories written in scars and wrinkles, the stories from time and life’s pressure, please be honest to us, don’t leave us to the wolves in sheep clothings. To our tomorrow, show us how to love and be loved, create to us the true colors of honesty, let the burning of each days sun mould us to becoming diamonds.

To a thousand tomorrows, and more from here on, remind us of humanity, write the song of our unity whatever colors skin may be in the red of our blood the same on the pages of the skies. Teach us love, teach us trust, and when someday soon, some day more our body lay still in the dirt of the soil tell the ones after us not of our inhumanity, tell them of our triumph, of the heaven we managed to create on earth, together. To my dear darkness of a friend, thank you


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