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Letter To My Father

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh


Dear Father,

A single cry heralded  your crowning, every voice in your head, screamed “bolt” for fear of the future unknown, but yet you drank in the joy of your responsibilities. A pillar in crisis, a tower for solace, guidance, wisdom, encouragement and strength. “A man must be made from the ferocious volcanoes of whatever forms his life, “A man must swim and counter the tempest of adversaries”, “A man must stand and toil or sit with his hand opened”. Fear never fails to whisper sweet nothings into a man’s ears but a man should know them for what they are, “NOTHING”

“Always be prepared” you would always tell me, and so many important life’s lessons, you taught me. These little somethings you always whisper in my ears, under the watchful gaze of the moonless sky. My love for you is endless. I’m eternally grateful for the knowledge you shared with me and the irreplaceable life lessons that I live by. A father more than a father should be, ever zealous and radiant in strength. Achilles could learn a thing or two from you.

For every oasis I have seen, for every red sea I have crossed, for every Canaan I have entered, a fathers love and endless sacrifice made it happen. Let the world merry in this great feat,  for your loins housed progenies, let the world resound your name, let it echo above the mountains.

In you I see the gift of inherent, impeccable intelligence and the richness born from a devotion to order. I strive to replicate your seemingly effortless dedication to self-love and personal care. You’ve been far from perfect, but I’ve watched you grow and become a better version of yourself (although you have grown to become very troublesome), which not only makes me proud, but has given me deep satisfaction, knowing about the gifts life brings with time and maturity.

A father, more than a father should be, without you,  the fabric of life would have been drab. With you woven in this tapestry called life, life indeed is beautiful, the switching has always been done for my good and I never regretted the day your loins made me. Today, I am a man of my own and I bless the Almighty for the gift of a father I have in you.

From a proud son of a loving father, happy Father’s day dad.

Special credits: Blessing Etoh

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