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Lessons From October

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh

Words have power

Hello there, I think theres no better opportunity to thank you all, my loyal readers for the amazing support you have given me through your reads, comments, and social media messages since my debut with Myefiko. You guys have been simply amazing and you all have my profound gratitude, love and respect. With that said, Ill get to the business of the day.

Personally, Im super psyched since we are gradually edging towards my favourite time of the year; in case you are wondering, Christmas season is near but thats not the main issue. Last weekend I realized October is ending in a few days, it was a relief, mostly because I can get to sort part of myself once the months pay reflects in my bank alert. Anyway I took a euphoric trip down the memory lane of the past months and share a few lessons with my lovely readers.

Lesson 1: many people seriously need psychological and mental health care because there are a lot of mentally unstable people especially online. I was worried when I saw the viral one corner dance in Nigeria, the monkey pox saga and the attendant reactions and conversations it generated. Im concerned because of the kind of things people take their time to post online is mind boggling. Over the weekend I came across a disturbing facebook post on my timeline where a young man posted step by step guide on how to rape a lady. I sincerely hope the authorities get a hold of such individuals. We strongly condemn violence against women and rape.

Lesson 2: If the playing field isnt level, always be on the higher end. While this is subject to different interpretations, I will like to point out the fact this applies to issues of negotiations. The point is; Always negotiate from a position of power, no compromise. If you do anything other than that, its going be a one way street in the other partys favour and youre sure likely to lose. I negotiated a business deal that dint go well until I understood this principle and applied it. Remember, always negotiate from a position of power.

Lesson 3: Anything can be learned, with dedication and practice; Ive always loved art as a young child, I liked drawing and painting pictures and I can confidently say I got better at it over the years. However since I considered drawing as a hobby and not as a career to build, I studied history and international studies in the university. I came across many artists and somehow my passion for art rekindled, but I dint have the proper training on how to go about it. With serious practice and dedication I learnt different styles of drawing and even landed a portrait job that came out like the work of a professional artist. It shows that anyone regardless of class, age, sex, race, background, location or whatever excuse people use, can learn whatever they set their minds to. Given they put in the time, work and dedication.

Lesson 4: In all you do, show kindness to others; you know what they say Karma is real so in your dealings, be kind and fair so it will find its way back to you. Trust me, Ive seen many people who did otherwise get the same treatment.

As much as I would like to go on about other lessons from October, I prefer to have a conversation about lessons you must have learnt this year. So please feel free to use the comment section and share your own experience. God bless you all. Have a great week.

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  1. As for me that guy should be arrested and if possible tried and jailed. Imagine having the guts to celebrate such henious crime. He is indeed a culprit. Nice write up by the way

  2. Great lessons.

  3. Wow… Nice one Sir!
    I really think the world is coming to an end cos this one corner of a thing is directly from the pit of hell. You can imagine the nonsense. Well, may God help us o

  4. Inspiring lessons. Lesson 4 should really he taken to heart. Something of sort happened to me .I was rude to someone who wanted to get closer to me. After a while I got a new contact which I’ve been seeking for for a very long time and then when I tried getting closer to that person, the same thing I did was done back to me. I couldn’t complain because I knew I had wronged someone too. Thanks for the advice

  5. I’ve learnt not to trust anyone but myself. Betrayal is real even for those close to you

  6. It’s an old lesson but I’ve learnt to depend on myself. If you want something done, you better do it yourself

  7. Send my wall hanging make I promote your work! Man’s no hot🌚

  8. My turn, my turn.? Larry mentioned eagerly wiggling to get a chance to talk.
    ?I believe the perfect factor about God is thbat he can beat up the devil as a result of the devil is scary and mean and ugly aand unhealthy and God caan beat him up so the satan can?t harm us like
    hee did those demon crammed folks in Jesus day.

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