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Lagos Living: Onwa December; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


Oh the joys of winter, December. Tis the season to be jolly (insert dancing santa emoji here) the most anticipated season of the year. And yea I know its not December yet and technically its still 32 days to Christmas, but all I can think about is Christmas. Even if I wasnt thinking about it, the bright lights and yuletide decorations all over the city is enough to get me in the mood. Its almost as if they are trying to force the Christmas cheer down our throats, with the way everywhere is so lit. Im not complaining though, I mean hey its Christmas and everybody loves Christmas.

Now even though this period is supposed to be all about peace, love, light and cheer, it is never really that. In reality this period is one of the worst periods of the year, and while the season comes with lots of good, there are a whole lot of bad and downright ugly. I cannot tell you how extremely security conscious I have been lately, the news we have been hearing puts me on auto security mode. The crime rate has skyrocketed in just two months and all everybody talks about is how its December as if that explains everything and the synonym for the word December means mayhem.

A few days ago, I witnessed a crime that left me speechless, I was on my way home from work as per usual; it was late; as per usual, there was traffic as per usual; and there were traffic hawkers as per usual. What was unusual though was the nollywood movie I witnessed firsthand. While we were stuck in traffic most of the passengers decided to refuel as it was looking to b e a very long ride, and so the traffic hawkers stepped in to save the day but apparently during this time of the year, these guys not only sell stuff they take stuff too. In the space of two short seconds, they had grabbed a phone from one of the passengers in the bus and before we could yell THI. the culprit had disappeared into thin air. The lady kept muttering my phone, my phone most of us in the bus were speechless while some others launched into recounting tales of how this is the norm during this time of the year.

Another young man in my church shared a testimony of how he was almost used by kidnappers on his way to work. He boarded a bus heading to Lekki and halfway through he realized he was in a one chance bus, somehow by the mercies of God he was able to get out of the situation. There have also been increased cases of robbery by uber drivers amongst other scenarios and all of these is because it is almost December.

These are the downsides of living in a big city, the December crime rate is the price we have to pay for the crime of living in a city. But on the bright side, our streets are filled with lights and hopefully our hearts will follow suit soon.

Merry Christmas in advance lovelies. Xo!

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