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Keep At It

By – Uchechi Iroakazi

consistency is key

” How could you fail Kunle?” Mr Jide, Kunle’s father asked. He didn’t hide the disappointment on his face. ” I demand a response young man! ”

” I’m sorry daddy. Maths is difficult. I try to understand it, but then it confuses me even more. I’m really sorry. I want to make you proud dad,I do. ”  Kunle explained, barely looking at his father.

“Nonsense,You are not giving it your best shot! ” Mr Jide thundered. ” And to think that your friend Bayo was top of the class. Haba Kunle kilode? Your tuition is not cheap oo. I don’t like this at all. See, If you don’t do well this time, I will give up paying that school fee of yours. I am not raising idiots! ” He walked away angrily into his room.

Kunle Afolabi doesn’t just want to please his daddy. He wants to be the hero that saves human lives. Nothing will make him happier than being a medical doctor. But as always, a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a step. learning maths and passing it, is one of those steps he must undertake.

While others slept Kunle studied maths. While they dabbled with time,he subscribed for tutorials. Soon he saw that maths wasn’t hard afterall, he understood that it was all about formula and logic. When school resumed, he thrust in his best and passed exceedingly.

Your goal might seem difficult to achieve. But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Evaluate your strategies; what are you missing? What can you do better? You are made for the top. You are a problem solver. So, you cannot throw in the towel.

Thomas Edison could have walked away after countless attempts to invent the light bulb. Well, he didn’t and today we have light bulbs everywhere.

You’ve got something the world needs, don’t stop now. Just keep at it!

Have a great day dear.

Love from,


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