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Job Racketeering

By – Odey Emmanuel


We live in a country that is peopled by ponzi schemers. Those who pretend to be holier than thou in the open yet, indulge in robbing people off their money and make them tie their hopes up in the skies for a sun that would never pour down on them. Issues of racketeering have been there for as long as I can recall and trust me when I say this has been so long a time.

I will tell us a story about desperation. I will tell us a story about frustration and another about how life has rained so much on some us and how sometimes the sun and its light seem to be too far-fetch so much we fear we could be consumed by the obscurity of the darkness that draws near by the minute.

I am a graduate, I have wasted away at home for as many years as my memory can recall. I have become so depressed so much I have become gullible. I have become a victim of my fears and a prisoner of desperate gang of con games.

The same is true in our places of work and schools. We have people who demand for specific pay that our positions in a place of work can be guaranteed and kept safe exclusively for us. Until after several days and weeks of wait, do we actually realize that these persons were never there in the first place, that they were only an illusion buried in our hearts. It always seem to be true until things go south and really sour.

The perpetrators of this evil live amongst us and breaths the same air we do. They see the same sun we do, they attend the same churches and mosques with us and most times, these people are the “elders” in these premises.

They have without asense of conscience created pains that shouldn’t have been there. They have erupted frustration amongst helpless youths seeking for daily bread and a means of livelihood. They have created untold hardship and mayhem as so many have lost the monies they never had in a bid to secure this job with a promise to pay back this money as soon as salaries begin to stroll in.

These bad eggs breathing amongst us will do all shady things to get rich even at the expense of those who are obviously without help. They are in our Tertiary Institutions promising admission to that boy or girl as long as they can foot the outrageous bill of what is most likely a mirage and a route to the tears that will come tomorrow.

While these “helpers” enjoy the fun of subtly stealing from other people, I encourage that they remember the law of karma and its snake-like venom so that when it comes, no one is taken unware. Actions have consequences and the tears that innocent girl shed at night will always haunt her oppressors. Karma knows no mercy and never has she forgotten to do the needful.

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  1. Awesome piece. I have been a victim of this

  2. Great words you put here

  3. I like how you assemble your words Odey

  4. I salute the strength of your mind

  5. Karma truly does not look back in her vengeance

  6. Nice piece of writing emmy. I like the calmness in your writing the peace it brings awesome.

  7. A truly wonderful piece

  8. Bro you are awesome and you will go places

  9. My baby always doing what he does best

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