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It’s Valentine

By – Okeke Nkorika


“Do not give me that look dear, today is Valentine and we need to celebrate it’.I know… I… ‘. “You don’t know, I say you do not know. If you do you will not be telling me all these… You will not tell me that it’s a normal day just like every other day

There was silence in the air. The two friends mopped at each other as though something has gone wrong. Chuks and Nene has been very close friends. There was no doubt that they love having each other around them. The previous day, Chuks had told Nene about how busy he would be that day. Nene has made efforts to let him see that, that every day was Valentine. As the atmosphere continued in silence Chuks phone rang. Nene snatched it from him and cut the call. “Whats wrong with you, I don’t know you to behave this way. Nene who is feeding you and what have you been swallowing hook line and sinker

“Just continue to speak big big grammar… In fact I now believe that you don’t love me” she pretends to cry.

Nene was lying speechless on her bed the previous day as the rest of the girls around talked about how wonderful the val will go with their lover. It was true that Nene is known for decency but the discussion got her thinking otherwise. “Valentine is once in a year so I got to enjoy it while it lasts” the last sentence she heard that night that woke her up the next morning.

“Nene, stop that. Okay what do you exactly want from me today”. This alone gave the good looking damsel a bold smile. “This is the response I was waiting for since.. em..” she rolled her eyes from one point to another.

“Okay, first I want us to go somewhere special and eat. Do one or two shopping, be alone and enjoy the weather and if possible…. … have.. S.. ex. ”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you say all these. Is that what Valentine is all about? Nene have you forgotten so soon what happened to the boy who stole a phone just yesterday, he wants to impress a friend today, but he is there, wherever, with a broken ankle. Do you know Adebisi, my former roommate that just graduated, he stole 14000 from his mum just for today, to impress someone. The one that hurts me a lot is Uncle Charlie, he has never for once accepted that he had a dime on him but I overheard him proposing a 15000 treat for today just to impress someone, whereas his family cannot spell the V in the word Valentine. It hurts, really hurts to see young girls jump from one man to another in bed all in the name of Valentine all to impress someone. Some lose their pride and dignity, while a lot are lured into the act by seduction through mere outing and hangout. Nene, what is Valentine actually made for? “. Chuks spoke with all bitterness of heart. He spoke like a man of burden. Nene could not answer. She was caught by fear. “I can remember innocent Vicky, she wouldn’t have believed had it been someone had told her that Arinze could get her drunk just to take advantage of her on that Valentine’s Day. People go about with lust looking for a prey all in the name of Valentine. He paused. Looked at Nene who now was looking down the floor. ” my dear Nene, ” he continued “I love you so much that words can’t describe but that does not mean we should cause a stain, a fracture that cannot be healed, even if it does heals the scare remains forever, in a day: all in the name of Valentine. What do you say?”

Nene comes closer to where Chuks was sitting “I am so sorry. Thank you so much for this great reasoning. I wonder what my friends are up to…. I promise never to think in this manner anymore. Hope am forgiven? ”

“Thats why it’s Valentine. Come here you naughty…” she smiled and walked into his open arms. “I got you something. Wait here He goes inside to get it. Meanwhile, anxiety is seen all over Nene’s face. Chuks came out with a lovely box nicely wrapped. When Nene opened it, guess what?

Haba!! Must everything be marriage? Come back my dear reader. It was a very simple wrist watch and earrings. They were so lovely. “Happy Valentine’s Day my love. Do you have any thing for me”. She handed him a poem which she wrote which ends with…. Be my Valentine forever….

It’s Valentine all over the air. A one day celebration of Love and reconciliation. Dear wonderful reader, do not be deceived for God cannot be mocked… WHAT EVER A MAN SOWETH THAT HE SHALL REAP.

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