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Instincts: Your Natural Armour

By – Linda Ibeh


I made series of logical decisions this past weekend that turned out to be wrong. I had the right answers the second I had to make a decision but after careful considerations, I decided that the other decision was a better, safer option and then I shot myself in the foot. Let me gist you about one

So I travelled with a few of my besties over the weekend for a friends wedding in the east. We boarded GUO at a very affordable price and were even given gala and bottle water. On our way back though, our cab driver and another of my friend suggested we go by God Is Good motors. I protested for a few seconds then caved in. Boy was that a wrong decision! The bus left Enugu by 7am and in twenty minutes we had a problem; fan belt had cut. They called the mechanic to come from the park and fix it. We waited for about an hour thirty minutes before it was fixed and we continued on our journey. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, it cut again and because we were farther, it took the mechanic longer to come. After much arguments and threats, he fixed it and we continued the journey only for it to cut after another thirty minutes. It was crazy and somebody had to come fix it again to get us to Awka where we stayed for around four hours waiting for a bus from Asaba to come pick us. We left Awka by 2pm and arrived Lagos, 11pm.

I was mad angry that I paid more money than I did while going and still got home late! I blamed everyone who suggested GIGM without realizing I should have just stuck with my first choice.

A friend of mine who is an expert in football betting lost a great deal of money this past weekend because he bet on a score he logically arrived at even after his instincts whispered the right score to him.

Ive come to the conclusion that we hear less of our instincts because it is whispered. It isnt as loud as the logical/conscious thoughts that go through our heads which further gets drowned by all the noise around us and opinions of other people and peer pressure. It doesnt shove or force itself on your consciousness. It just throbs quietly, much like your heartbeat which you dont hear beating except you listen for it or like the air you dont hear yourself breathing until you feel for it. Our instinct is our God given detector and life guard whose job it is to prevent us from making/taking the wrong decisions. We may not like that it comes in a subtle way and doesnt struggle to push throughit doesnt have the notice me attitude that evil decisions have but nonetheless, its there. Most times, we do a good job of talking ourselves out of it. We need to be conscious of the first thoughts that come into our heads when we are faced with deciding somethingthat is usually the instinct speaking.

Develop a healthy relationship with your sixth sense. Do not be stubborn when it comes whispering. It saves you a lot of head/heart ache.

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  1. Sorry dear, sometimes we have to trust our instincts .. they never lie.
    PS: stop blaming that your friend.

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