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If There Comes A Time

By – Nina Jeffery


If there comes a time when you doubt the decision of walking away from some people who were relatively toxic, please remind yourself of the very reason why you shut them out and also remind yourself how important your peace of mind is.

If there comes a time when that ex who couldn’t love you enough decides to come back, please be informed that the Leopard doesn’t lose its spots and also know and remember that you deserve better.

If there comes a time when you feel unappreciated, unattractive, unsatisfied. Please don’t hurt yourself remember life has phases and this one will pass, don’t lose who you are. You are special in your own way.

If there comes a time when you don’t trust your guts, please remember all the good decisions you’ve made when you listened to your guts

If there comes a time when life’s storm is raging like hell, please hold on tight and hope and fight and remember the storm won’t rage forever.

If there comes a time you feel like giving up on everything {academics, career, love, marriage, friendship…..} Please remember these words “Keep hoping, keep trying, keep loving, keep laughing, keep dreaming, keep hustling, NEVER EVER GIVE UP”.

Its still Nia🌸


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