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I Love You

By – Okeke Nkorika


A three words statement that have made and mared men. “so…. What’s the point” “the point is that I love you”. I busted out laughing. “what was the meaning of that” my sister asked when we got home.

I can remember the days of old when the word ‘I love you’ was so scarce that when found is so irresistible. My mum once told me how her cousin burst into tears when her boyfrien, now currently her husband told her to her face that he loves her. There was no protocol, no extra words or activity, just the same number of words still in use today. The question now becomes…why did I laugh? What’s funny?

Excuse me, let’s face reality, the statement ‘I love you ‘ has totally been watered down. It has lost valve. Gone are the days when men shiever on the thought of pronouncing it and women go into series of thoughts. Let’s be a little practical, I laughed because that was the first time am meeting this guy. The very first time and he is already using a statement that took our fathers months to confess. It is true that the world is getting civilized but I can tell you that feeling and emotions still remains, it’s only expressions that managed to change. Today everyone wants to express their feelings and they say ‘I love you’. It was funny because it is presently a normal statement without significant only following procedure.

I got shocked to know that many young minds fall victim of this sentence till date despite all the happenings, that is why I mentioned that it makes or mare an individual. Our fathers were made by the sentence. It showed courage and responsible, our mother became a missing rib found because of a careful emergence of this statement. But today what happens, hearts are broken, treasures are stolen, destines are shatter and faith lost, all because of the same statement…. I hear someone say ” but he told me he love me” and another mummering “she said she loves me”….Nonsense! Find something better for an excuse and not an open field. Statement made by young, old, adolescent and even toddler. It does not really matter anymore so why not gather your past and face your future.

  1. The original use of this word has not totally moved but seen In neglible instances. So I am not saying you should push away every one that is used to that it, but; see before believing. Do not allow yourself to be carried away by it any longer knowing it is a common word.

Dear beloved reader, do not deceive or be deceived by “I love you” no matter the manner in which it was built, where it was said or how it was said. There is every need to do a careful and conscious sieving. As a Christian, it’s time to go on your knees ( in some cases) and ignore the rest.

When someone says “I love you ” if you do not know what to say, just say “you too” . Life certainly continues and nothing will happen.

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