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Its All About The Hustle; Make It Happen


By – Binta Nwachukwu


It was Wednesday already and the week had taken its toll on me. I adjusted my daily planner severally to accommodate unplanned meeting, new clients, and fresh business leads. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to pluck some low hanging fruits, after all hustle na hustle. Franca’s party is coming up this weekend and I am yet to purchase my ticket, now that’s a concern considering how wonderful our airlines are.

As a babe always on point and with the excitement to kill the event I decided to bring sexy back. Simple cool and classy is my thing; I packed a small luggage with some interesting outfits for the weekend. Quickly I went online to search for available tickets on my preferred airline but all to no avail (no seat). I immediately set off to the airline office hoping to find a cancelled ticket, which I could grab. Anita almost wrecked my nerves whilst I called her frantically upon getting to her office. Eventually she came out with my tickets, and a long tale of how her boss at the airline invited her for an emergency meeting!!! As if I cared. It was good enough that I got a ticket.

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I woke up with excitement and freshness; it was looking like a very promising weekend; this was definitely a day for my blue skinny jean, that nice burgundy blouse that left the lookers wondering, and my wedge sandals to make it all so comfortable. The day went by quickly and I literally pampered myself and jonzed all day. By 2pm my uber taxi was just right on time and off I was to MMA2. The jamz coming from the DJ at cool fm was all I needed to give me inspiration as the traffic in Lagos was beginning to build up. OMG, today again, these corporate beggars are pests!! I had vowed that no amount of praise singing and praying would make me part with a dime today, nor even kill my groove. Not again….the notorious ding dong sound heralded the 1 hour delay on my flight. But that wasn’t a problem as I was already enjoying the stares of two hot blokes, I was secretly hoping they would be on my flight, and perhaps sit beside me. But still I couldn’t help but worry about my timing, since I needed to meet up with the girls, and make sure we were all set for the job. Life is good; I could hustle some money doing what I love most, cooking, and still enjoy a nice groovy weekend.

I decided to take a rain check with Regina, my manager. “Regina, how’s everything going there”, all I could hear was her stuttering, and then a confirmation that everything was in place.

The speakers came on again and we were called for boarding, happily I walked towards the boarding gate, got into the aircraft and in another 50minutes, we had touched down Abuja.

Franca’s party was a major one with lots of Abuja big shots, it sure was a good avenue to showcase my talent and business and at the same time have some fun. It was Franca’s 40th birthday and she wanted it to be done in grand style. The decoration was mind blowing, as it is a very important aspect of any event but not as important as the catering (food). A party without the right caterer is a complete mess. Franca was wise enough to choose the best to handle the event.


There were lots to eat and nibble on ranging from small chops, cocktails, main meals and deserts and lots more. It was a complete package, very tasty and mouth-watering. In the interim, another order came in for prawns in chilli sweet sauce. As I said earlier, all na hustle lol!! I had already arrived the kitchen venue where my people were already rounding up for the big event; I decided to prepare this order myself. Quickly, I brought out the prawns from the fridge cut them in three’s as the client prefers them in bits, peeled and grated fresh garlic cloves and ginger in a bowl, added a table spoon of fish spice, half teaspoon of salt and a cube of cubed seasoning. Mixed it all well with the prawns, covered the bowl with a foil and set in the fridge to marinate for an hour.

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On my mind was one of the dude I spotted at the airport, omg!! I wish I meet him again probably at the supermarket, we’ll just bump into each other, my shopping basket falls off and we both get down to pick the items up and our eyes meet and he stutters and says his name with a handshake.


Back to reality, my prawns were already well marinated. I then chopped the green, yellow, orange, red bell pepper and spring onions in desired shapes and sizes.

Heat oil in a non-stick pot; re-mix the marinated prawns with 2 table spoons of corn flour, fry the prawns and set aside.

In another pan, heat up oil and a little quantity of cooking margarine. Add in the chopped items and fry for 5 minutes, add a cube of seasoning, a tablespoon of sugar, salt to taste, 3 tablespoon of black cayenne pepper and 4 table spoons of tomato ketchup. Fry for 2 minutes and add in the fried prawns. And your prawns in sweet chilli sauce is ready, it can be served with a cold glass of chapman or any drink


My crew was already making me proud and I was delighted to see what progress they had made, all was set and they moved to the event location, I went to meet up with my friends and get set for the party and we arrived the party looking all gorgeous. It was like a dream come true when I looked to my right and there he was, the dude from the airport. It all happened as i imagined, he walked up to me and introduced himself. And you know the rest of the story hahahahha. It was all exciting to know I could turn an occasion into an event, if you know what I mean *wink*

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  1. It’s quite interesting how you guys use stories as articles. It’s really unique.

  2. Well done darling this is awesome…. So proud of the woman u have become keep up the good work

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