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How To Gain Popularity

By – Crystal Chinonye


We all strive to be known, no matter how much we try to deny that. I would love to be popular and I wont deny that. But then, we are scared of some things, of doing those things that will make us popular, of flowing with our hearts and gaining that popularity, of flowing with the tide and doing that exceptional thing that will gain us that name. While some of us are fully aware of what to do to gain the popularity, some of us are trapped in the quest of what to do to gain that popularity.

However, in your quest to be popular, there is something you must be aware of and that is simply the existence of cheap popularity, dont, in your quest to gain that name, do some stupid things that will amount to cheap popularity, just dont. Dont do that, it wont pay you anything worthwhile. I see people lose their sanity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of these social media pages all in the name of popularity but the sad news is that while you may gain the cheap name at the moment, the aftermath will not only affect you but also your next generation.

So the question is how then do I gain that popularity. This question is as simple as saying, what is my vision? The truth is this, with your vision known, you can gain all the popularity in the world. But it does not just end at knowing it, you will also have to work towards it because knowledge is not and can never be enough to do anything, you will always have to work on the things you know.

How then do you gain popularity through the vision you have? It is just by working on it and ditching the statusquo while at it. Why do you have to ditch the statusquo? The reason you MUST ditch the statusquo is because we all have been trained to work and live by some standards and I have not known some popular people to live by any standard because it will end up stifling your dreams and make you live just like the rest. Why not forget the conventional standard of living and set your own standard and give it your best? It is the surest way of living in this world where flowing with the statusquo yields little or no results.

In a bid to live your dreams and actualize your vision, set your own standards the way you want it and the way it will always work for you. The statusquo is not your pair of shoes, dont try to wear it. Forget it. It has not always worked. It may work for your neighbor, it may not work for you. Sell your market your own way and do what works for you.

While I am not so much a Bobriskys fan, I draw something from him. He mixes cream for people and get paid for that and with the way he goes about his stuffs, people are left with no option but to patronize him no matter how much they despise him. I am not asking you to become bobrisky but whatever you do, always give it your best shot.


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