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How Best To Kiss

By – Crystal Chinonye


The very first day I made up my mind that I was going to KISS, I was really scared. I didnt know what the outcome would be, what the world would think or even how people will look at me or react to it. I didnt know what was waiting for me, I wasnt even sure of what to expect. I only knew it was high time I did that and I made up my mind that I was going to do that despite the fears and uncertainty that beclouded my memory.

I woke up on the 23rd day of march, 2014, already prepared for the first KISS, I got my paper and pen and began to pen down my questions and answers that came with them, I was hurt, yet it all flowed from inside of me, I had already made up my mind that I was going to Key Into Self Satisfaction. Over the years, I had never experienced the term satisfaction all of my life. I had never for once felt satisfied either with the things I did or what someone else did. Just like a disease, it spread all over me that it became a part of me; dissatisfaction.

A friend of mine once helped me with a project and when I went through it, I saw reasons not be satisfied with it, I openly told her and she said she wasnt expecting me to be because she had known me to always have reasons not to be satisfied with practically everything. The very day she made that statement, I realised she wasnt telling lies because I took my time to analyse my life only to discover that she wasnt far from the truth, I was full of dissatisfaction which made me lose friends almost as soon as I got them. It was after that statement that I made a conscious decision to KISS so I could get the best out of myself and out of my friends. But wait a minute! Why do I need to KISS? Does it guarantee satisfaction, of course it does because you have to learn how to Key Into Self Satisfaction.

But the question is HOW? I know youve been there and you are currently battling with it. For me, it all started with a decision and it started in the morning with nothing but my a paper and pen when I began to pen down the things I was grateful for, the thing I had done that I was grateful for, the friends around me that I was grateful to have and the very many things that had shaped my life. Afterwards, I made a conscious decision to always be satisfied with myself and the things around me because when I am not, I notice I give out negative energy which influenced my environment negatively and the people within. You dont need so much for it, just decide, pick up a paper and a pen and join me lets KISS!


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