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Holiday Mood

By – Jamylah Yusuf


Hello everyone. Its just a few days till we are officially in the holiday mood of December.

Since we are about going into the holiday mood when a lot of marriages happen, i would love to talk about LOVE. yes! , lets talk about love (singing it out ). Love means different things to different people. For some, its just the strong feeling of affection they have for a person, a possession, or even an animal most likely a pet. For others love is this feeling of attachment, a strong bond that the absence of which makes life meaningless.

I am interested in the mushy kind of love. The one that leaves you craving a person’s presence or the voice of a person like its the air you breath in to survive. Now that’s probably extreme (lol) but its this deep kind of love that interests me. The kind of love that has you and a different person feeling like one body.

Love is a beautiful thing. Sometimes i feel like its God’s greatest gift to the world. I don’t want to imagine what the world would be like if such a thing as love doesn’t exist.

This is the more reason i find it funny when people say things like ‘i dont believe in love’, ‘there’s no such thing as true love’ . It is funny because these people are obviously hurt from previous experiences in their lives or haven’t opened up their minds yet to experience what it feel like to love someone or be loved wholeheartedly or have probably heard too many ugly stories on the subject. When people talk about love, it is usually talked about from the receiving angle. Everyone wants to find love, everyone wants to feel loved but how much of that love are we all willing to share. It is true that sometimes the love we give isn’t reciprocated and that can be quite hurtful, but that shouldn’t deterr one from giving love. I believe that the good we do comes back to us and its the same thing as the love we give. If the person you are showing love to doesn’t reciprocate, know that someone would someday. Be prepared to welcome such love with an open mind and remember to reciprocate when you receive. Love isn’t a thing to shy away from. It isn’t a feeling you should shut your heart to. When it comes welcome it, savour it and make the most of it. If for whatever reason such love leaves you someday, or you no longer feel such affection towards someone or do not receive such affection, then be thankful for the times you had it and hold on to the beautiful memories it left you with. Spread love without holding back even the tiniest bit. Its a feeling you should live unapologetically. Love is indeed magical. No body should ever make you feel the need to replace love for hate. For instance, if you had a relationship with someone and you guys were so much in love that nothing else felt as fulfilling, and for some reasons you guys had to part ways. Regardless of if the separation was initiated by the person or by yourself, hate should never replace the beautiful feeling of love you once shared. It is true that love comes and goes but it is also true that love endures.

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  1. Lol..i am more interested in why your article’s subject is mushy love. Come and confess

  2. Nice article. Keep it up dear

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