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I Have A Hero; I Call Him Dad

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh

Happy Father and Son Outdoors --- Image by © Robert Michael/Corbis

Who sat and watched my infant head

When sleeping on my cradle bed and tears of sweet affection shed

My mother

Nope, I’m sorry.  This is not another Mother’s day post. Too many articles, speeches, social media posts and poems are being dedicated on a daily basis to moms around the world extolling the amazing virtues and the importance of mothers to humankind. Each poem more flowery that the previous, each person confidently reiterating how their “MOM” is better than all others.

Now I’m not in any way hating, as a matter of fact I am a woman and I plan to be a mother someday but I have never fully understood why mothers are made out to be angels in human form while dads reprise the role of villains. I mean truth be told, it does take two to tango. Granted mom carries the baby in her for nine months and all that, which in itself is no small feat but without the dad there will be absolutely nothing to carry. Mothers are celebrated about three times in a year (and all year round) dads get just once a year (which they typically share with moms as well). Now if that isn’t injustice I don’t know what is.

Growing up in an average middle class family was the Lagos dream. It felt good to be dropped off at school and picked up after school, regular Sunday treats after service was usually the highlight of the week. Everything we needed he provided; from exorbitant school fees to nightly choppies to special treats particularly for those who did exceptionally at school.

As I grew older and understood more, I began to notice how tired he always looked. The daily tolls; early mornings and late nights showed in the lines on his face yet except for the occasional “money doesn’t grow on trees” dad never complained. Even as the economy plunged deeper and deeper and the cost of raising four children skyrocketed dad never complained.

I’m older(ish) and I can fully understand what it must have been. How you must have labored for each of us. I fully understand now that “money don’t grow on trees” because even I use those words more often than I would like, and I can endure and push forward because you showed me that it was possible.

Dad taught me love, strength, faith, courage, tenacity, sacrifice, contentment and to believe in myself. He didn’t believe in mediocrity, he demanded and expected nothing short of excellence from us that includes the company we keep.

Dad is the real MVP, number one cheer leader, role model, and the absolute love of my life you set the bar high and because of you, I know what to look out for in potential baby daddy. Thank you for it all, the sacrifice, the lessons and the gift of education. Superman, Batman, Spiderman,  Dead pool, Incredible hulk, Logan and all the rest of em’ combined gat nothing on you pops.

I have a hero and I call him DAD. Happy father’s day to my ultimate super hero.

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