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Heats Of Transformation

By – Kayode Ipadeola

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In the blink of time we’d all be in another new year. One we all hadn’t seen ever. Most have started writing their resolutions or whatever, writing things they wish to leave behind 2017, those attitudes they wish not carry on with them into the new year. Everyone wishes to transform into someone better, lead fulfilling lives. Fast-forward to five month into 2018 and most people have returned to their deluded norm. All the dreams of transformation becomes shattered, scattered, battered and killed. Why?

Through my pondering I came to a conclusion that everyone could keep to their resolutions if they had a taste of what transformation really mean.


Meet transformation

Although to different people transformation may mean different things. But pushing all English grammars aside; transformation simply means “changes”.

Before transformation can occur in any human being there has to be a concept of reset. But quite unlike our normal android phones or tablets that takes just a button to reset, a life is much difficult. It isn’t as easy as taping a button or removing a battery. No!.

There are certain noticeable signs when transformation is in progress in someone’s life;

* Life seems overwhelming – transformation can be overwhelming. In fact if one isn’t careful, one cab easily be overtaken by the constant wave of changes to ones effort to turn his/her life around.

* Life seems harder – It kind of seem to occur that one is drowning and the whole world seem against him/her.

These two to list a few..

Leaving through all challenges of transformation

It only take a sense of perseverance to carry on through all challenges.

Also there are lots of old character that has to be replaced with newer ones. There has to be order. There is this major misconception that restoration is paramount during transformation. This is a big NO!. Although there are instant added gifts and advantages during transformation but one shouldn’t always hope for an instant best result. Expecting worse would be better here.

During transformation one’s gift might get revealed but doesn’t instantly mean all would work out smooth. It should be noted that your gift could carry you to a place where your character won’t keep you. By this; one should refuse to give in to the tempting old characters neither should one allow ones emotion take charge. You have to manage the emotions that historically have managed you; not falling easy prey to emotional slumps and bums.

You should also find ways to distant yourself from your norm; practice makes perfect is the key here.

Finally, You should avoid passing blames; sometimes our problems don’t arise from predicted circumstances. You just need to realize the presence of transformation taking place in your life.

Transformation is a trek of endurance. We can always try to plan ahead of troubles but can never predict how long we have to battle the problem. Its important that one know that the trip don’t just come easy, but if you scramble on day by day, hoping for the best, you’ll inevitably catch a glimpse of that light at the end of the tunnel!!!

Happy resolution.

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  1. Hmm.. U jst won’t stop killing it. Well done hun

  2. Thumbs boss

  3. Trust me Kay, this transformation thing is sure hell but always worth it at the end.

  4. I’ve bin dia b4.. Its no easy task man

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