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On Growth And Self Discipline

By – Lois Peters


Someone said and I believe, most times, the most difficult thing to do is nothing. However stretching it further, Id say most times the most difficult thing to do is maintain the routines of a daily life of success.

It is somewhat difficult to believe that the tiny little things you do on a daily basis, are the very same things that add up and amount to our growth and a successful life eventually. Hence, our inconsistency at following through them.

Technology has tried to eliminate this drudgery by inventing smart devices that can operate on repetitive automation once set. But then, how has it really helped?

The worst part is that we know this is true. We understand the consequence of this action or inaction, yet somehow we shield our minds from the thoughts of its consequences, coasting through busy activities that dont yield results; majoring on the minor and minoring on the major.

This seemingly little things have become the bane of most dreamers and visionaries. It has become the indiscriminate separator of mankind into tiers of existence and experience.

Self-discipline; as simple or as light as we look at it, has proven to be the obvious solution to this lethargic life and form of existence. They say, a man is not hot sorry, a man is not living but merely existing with it. And to such a person, his dreams lies entombed awaiting that awakening that will revivify his consciousness and wake him up to the realities of his current existence. But with the practice of self-discipline, a man begins to live, not actuated by fleeting emotions nor is he actuated by ephemeral gratifications. Such a man ceases to follow where his inclination leads him, reins in the steed of his desires and lives in accordance with the dictates of reason and wisdom.

This man now controls the passion which hither to have controlled him and resists temptation and guards himself against all those tendencies to selfish gratifications which are so easy and natural, for they thrived by reason of domination.

As we practice self-discipline\control, we approximate more and more to our inward capabilities, dreams, realities, growth and success.

In the process of growth and self-discipline, there are three stages;

  • Control\restrain
  • Purification
  • Relinquishment

At the control stage of events, we try as much as we can to resist the temptation of a different life appeal which does not agree and is not consistent with the throbbing of success in your soul. This is where your will has to be engaged to overcome the overwhelming persuasion of these fleeting emotions and ride on top towards the planes of fulfilment and growth. However, this is merely the initial stage in self discipline.

The prurification stage encapsulates the process the man involves himself in taking these passions out of his heart and mind altogether and not merely restricting it when it rises within him but preventing it from arising altogether. We achieve this level of peace by applying the principles of replacement of passion through changing information source which affects his thoughts and meditation, eventuslly, he will change his words and actions alike.

Most times we know what we’re doing isn’t supporting our growth. But we are to addicted to our demons that we can’t afford to let it go. Relinquishing these passions is you breaking it off with those emotional indescration, lethargic activities and fleeting gratification that is hampering your growth and success. You know them.

Most people desist from self discipline because at its early stage, it is difficult, repellent and painful, and yielding to our desires is at first, sweet and inviting but the end of which is failure and guilt whereas the fruits of discipline is growth, success, peace and even immortality.

Never forget, passion gets you started but discipline and unwavering consistency wins you the prize!


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