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Good Pruning

By – Kayode Ipadeola


I’m sure you all might be wondering why I’ve decided to write on such theme at this period when the country wishes to read something more hope-bringing. Yes. We all sure needs something hopeful and convincing but at the same time we shouldn’t ignore the fact that we also need something helpful that might be useful during these final days of the year 2017. And this is exactly what birthed the theme up top.

Talking about pruning- pruning your stuffs at this wee period is quiet important not just because its hygiene but also because collecting clutter, clutters not just your home but also your mental alertness. No one should expect much of a good thinking in a jampacked environment. A cluttered home is symbolic of cluttered thinking.

All normal human are clear and direct in their thinking and never relate with junks. If only we all do of course. All I’m saying is that at least, clearing some junks might be a good idea of it overwhelms you emotionally and gets more and more cowbwebby.

Pruning your stuffs gives you a chance to clear anything that is useless, broken, out of date, un-cool, un-cleanable, redundant and ugly. Having a good clear out refreshes you, revitalizes you, makes you conscious of what you are keeping and collecting- and anything that makes us conscious is a good thing in natural reasoning.

What I’ve also noticed is that ones success is also influenced by pruning. After all, your thinking would determine how you and your plan will determine how successful you are going to become, which in all these, pruning has been said to affect the thoughts. Those who seem to labor in back water and never getting their lives off the ground are those that rarely clear their clutters. Those who are punchy and getting on with things are those who have an amazing ability to prune stuff, clear clutter, sort the wheat from the chaff. Those who are having trouble getting lift-off are those running along the tarmac still clutching black sacks full of useless stuffs they bought in some shop years back, cupboard full of junk that is is rusted and taking up space, drawers full of broken things and wardrobe full of clothes they can no longer fit into or which have long gone out of fashion.

Finally, there’s an unburdening effect that comes with pruning. You have more space at home, cool breathe, a feeling of being more in control plus you get rid of that slightly overwhelmed feeling that comes with having piles of stuff accumulating everywhere. I’m not suggesting that you have to live in a spotless house full of neat designer furniture and minimalist styling. No. All I’m suggesting is that if you want to find out what’s holding you back, try looking in the cupboard or under the bed or on top of the wardrobe in the room. You’ll be surprise to see the effect of pruning clutters.

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  1. Nice one Kay.

  2. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All diz grammars eh_!!! had to read with my dico beside me.

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