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Give It A Shot

By – Anuebuma Nonye

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I sat to think of my journey so far; how far I had come, how good I had become in some areas of my life and so many other thoughts about my life. While at it, I remembered my first years in the university and I can say with all certainty that hard work pays and one thing I wont forget to add is that you should give it your best shot if you must give it a shot at all.

Back when I was in secondary, I never entered physics class as a science student. From my ss1 through ss3, the first time I entered the class for physics lecture was the last time I entered that class. I wrote my exams and still passed physics, all thanks to good friends back then. Each time we were to take any physics exams, I would always borrow calculator not because I knew what to do with it, but because my friends did. Like, I knew absolutely nothing in physics.

As a student then, I tried to know but I felt my brain was blocked to it or that somehow I was not destined for it. So, I gave up, which is one thing I wouldnt advise even an enemy to do. As I gave up, I became nonchalant about it and finally forgot everything about it till my WAEC and NECO. Yes, dont ask me how I scaled through, just know that I eventually scaled through and yes, I never wrote physics even for my jamb.

Forward to my entrance into the university, it was brought to my knowledge that as an optometry student, physics was meant to be a core course for me. Omo! See gobe!! That was the beginning of my trouble and of course, my resurrection. I called my mum to inform her and to tell her that I was not going to continue because I dont have an iota of idea what physics was all about. Like, I left secondary school without the slightest knowledge on fundamentals and derived units or even equations of motion, it was that bad.

When my mum made it clear to me that I wasnt leaving school and spoke into me that I can actually do it, I began to see the possibilities. I went to God, prayed over and and fully devoted myself to studying. I went back to borrow my old secondary school notes, textbooks and even bought many more, because I needed to start from the scratch and I started.

I lacked sleep then, I almost lost my sanity, from hour to hour, I was studying physics, on a daily basis, I was in school studying, I never looked or listened to people and I became more focused than I ever thought. I study, I attend tutorial, I eat, I sleep foe few hours, wake up again and start afresh. That was how it all went and I finally learned physics.

You wont believe, but I wrote all of my semester physics and knacked A in all without any form of help from anybody, I had nothing less than 85 in the courses. Today, I look back to those days and I must tell you, hardwork pays. If you want something, you just have to develop a burning desire for it, work, work and wok smartly and you sure will get that which you desire and never be afraid to give it a shot because you may score.


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