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Get Webbed In: The Reason You Need To Take Networking Serious

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


Imagine you were the only one on earth. You will have to figure out everything alone. To build a house, you will have to cut timbers yourself, and then refine them to fine wood. Then you will have to source out raw materials for cement Etc. Trust me earth will be so creepy and grossly boring. You would be everything in one person; Chef, farmer, doctor, engineer, scientist. Etc.

Truth is nobody can survive alone. We need people to advance. It is basic human nature to be relationship- centred. So last week, I learned something important about networking, and I thought it really cool to share with you. You ready? Lets go!

Networking is about creating solid relationships. It shouldnt be driven by selfishness but rather by the earnest desire to add value to people. Thriving businesses have good network. Winning politicians have good network. In fact if you must excel, you ought to have good network. Thats how it is. Plus you grow your influence through people network.

A lesson from ponzi:

Ponzi scheme trapped in my money oo. I know your money must have been trapped too. In spite of the down sides of ponzi, I scooped good lessons from it too. Ponzi is a people business. Without people, you cant get returns from your cash investments. Depending on the ponzi you registered with, you are basically asked to pledge a sum of money, and then convince two or more people to register under you. Or you pledge money are the system will automatically place people under you, to pay you twice what you have invested. That is a smart strategy. Even Jesus Christ needed network (the disciples) to achieve his mission.

How then do you engage in effective networking?

No kidding, networking is real work. It takes effort. If you have to increase your social capital, you have to engage in genuine relationship building. Meet new people, fortify old relationships, and Call them to check up on them, follow up, texting, emailing Etc. Networking is a good way to build trust with people. That way its easier to sell your products, create the impact youve always wanted to, change lives and help people.

I have made up my mind to be intentional. Thats the way to attain good progress. I know you will be intentional too.


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