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Friends Are A Necessity

By – Jamylah Yusuf


Bob Marley once said “the truth is everyone will hurt you , you just have to find the ones worth suffering for”. Friends are an essential part of our lives.  A lot of people go around saying ” i dont make friends,  there are too many fake people” Hello!, take a seat. You are just a wannabe loner. As much as a lot of us cherish our private space,  we need people we can call friends around us once in a while if not always. Imagine a wedding party with no friends whatsoever. Just your parents and few siblings or a birthday celebration, or even a graduation party. It is true that some friends have brought to some people’s live is doom. Some other friends are however the best things that have happened to some people.

Now look on the bright side , go out there, bearing in mind that we are all flaw filled, make friends, share great moments, laugh hard together, lend a shoulder in sad times, support and help each other, stay loyal . That’s what friends do for each other. Friends grow together. Find  friend that pushes you to be a better version of you. Keep the friends that doubt your ability as well. Forget the little disagreements and move on. Treasure the good times you once had no matter how short it was. If you cant find that friend,  be that friend.  Appreciate all friends no matter how short their stay in your live was. They have spent their time in your life and left their mark. We all have friends we used to do a lot of things together with in our childhood.  Be it primary school friends, or children i n the neighbourhood.  A lot of us are not in contact with them anymore and may never cross paths with them again but we remember all the  pranks we played together with them, the dogs that chased us down the street,  the gates we threw stones at, the fruit trees we climbed with each other’s support, the walks back from school, the dramas we acted.

Some of us still have scars that were caused by some of our playful moments with these friends. Some of this scars are permanent.  Even if we do not see each other anymore,  we have those memories for life. That’s what friends do. They leave a mark in the pages of one’s life. Stop searching for a perfect friend. We are all flawed.  You cannot like and hate the same things as your friend.  Find a middle ground,  plant a seed of friendship watered with sacrifice,  sincere love and goodwill and watch how beautiful it blossoms.  If the friendship dies, remember even the most beautiful flowers wither. But the ground knows it held its root once. We all need friends.  Find a friend or be a friend that makes beautiful marks in your life. Helen Keller said ” I will rather walk with a friend in the dark than walk alone in light “.

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  1. Motivational. This reflects to memories that seem to fade. I reminisce

  2. Great friends are indeed a necessity
    Beautifully written. Weldone Mylah

  3. Muhammad Hayatudeen

    So true friends are like permanent pigments spotted on our hearts. Nice writeup

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