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Free-up Your Mental Space

By – Uchechi Iroakazi


Above all things, guard your heart. For out of it flows forth the issues of life.

The bible

Your mind is like a garden. Whatever you plant in it, grows and yield fruits. If you want yummy fruits, then you might want to consider the quality of the seeds you plant.

There’s this guy,Ken, he asked for us to hang out . Initially I didn’t want to. But he shoved his request down my throat for three weeks, till I didn’t have the strength to say no. ( The ancient spell of consistent persuasion. Lol.) I accepted to chill out with him. So, we set the date for a Friday.

Ken came over to my place, picked me up and we rode to a fancy bar. In retrospect, I’d say that, it was one of the most exciting date I had been on. It was a total package; It was educating, entertaining, challenging , annoying and funny.

But then…

We started to talk about relationship and marriage, and then things got a bit odd. Ken said he wouldn’t marry any woman that’s earns more money than he does.

” My wife no fit dey get money pass me nah. Haba. No no. That one no fit happen nah.”

I was eager to know what his reason was. What in God’s green earth was wrong in having a richer wife? So I asked him, and he replied.

” When a woman is richer than her husband, she grows wings. She forgets her husband is the head of the family. Soon she becomes disrespectful and cocky. She becomes her husband’s competition. Abeg! I want a peaceful home jareh. ”

I disagree with ken’s ideals. But I am a smart naija babe. I didn’t want to spoil our evening with arguments. I’d send this article to him, as a piece of my mind. It’s true that some wealthy women are cocky. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t generalize statements from one experience. I’ve seen wealthy women who are respectful, humble and homely. Men! A wealthy woman is an asset, not a threat. She has something to bring to the table. There’s no need to panic, if her character is on point.

Often times, we buy into self-limiting ideals and mindsets. Then we turn around and wonder why our lives are same old, same old. There is a dogma for living; your thoughts coalesce into words and eventually into corresponding actions.

If you want to excel, If you are tired of being stuck in the rut, If you intend to break the pillars of status quo and If you want to turn your back on mediocrity, reconstruct the letters of your mind. Elevate your thinking. Get rid of limiting ideologies. Then replace them with good ones.

I know what it means to be a slave to the wrong mindset. In 2015, my set in school was scheduled to write the Second professional medical exam. This exam will determine if we would be in the next class.

I failed terribly.

I am smart and intelligent. My course mates were shocked that I failed. Till today, they still question that failure. Here’s what happened; I heard someone say how difficult it was. I believed it and then acted it. But then I had to replace the wrong mindset with the right one. So, I remembered the stuff I was made of. I recalled that I had what it took to excel. I repeated the class, retook the exam and excelled.

Our thoughts engineer our experience. What have you believed about yourself, dreams, life and future? Is it limiting you or pushing you forward? You are not here by accident. You have all it takes to birth solutions to problems. You were not created to be ordinary. There is so much worth that you contain. That is why you need to take charge of your thoughts. Free up your mental space; by discarding toxic mindsets.

You are a great person and I believe in you. Don’t let your thoughts limit you.

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  1. Nice write up. I think I’m yet scared of marriage

  2. Am always inspired by your write up dear but mehn that richer woman of a thing get as im be oo, not all women shaa

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