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Forgive Me For Peace

By – Suleiman Murkthar


I almost came close, close enough I could feel her breath on my skin, I could smell her smell and hold her cheeks, her chubby cheeks, pinch on the meat and make funny noises, tell her it is okay, that it is alright. I took a step forward as did she but the closer she came the farther away she was from my reach, I will stretch out my arms and she will still but farther and farther away she was from my reach. She is drowning and I see her so, I see her eyes melt like the midday snow, and all I did was stand and watch as the light from her smile nibbles away slow.

Take my hands dear and she will reach and she drown more to the ground, and as my soul wanders in the light with her, her sins will follow thus and cover the sunlit skies like a dark cloud. Stormy and raging, the flashes of lightening will sing silently, I want to help, it pricks and hurts, I reach out for her and she sinks in more, it turns me out, it eats me fast, she cries for help and I cans seem to do much, her shrieks and cry as she plays with my soul in the field under the dark clouds.

She screams for a hand, for love and care, she ages by the day, with no sun but rain. The days will flash through her eyes, she wouldnt know what the night is from the day as the dark cloud linger still. And the rain will flood, and the flood will build an ocean of hate and disgust is born, she cries for love, still same love from self, from another, from above, and the water builds, she reaches for the surface and the torrent of the waves will swirl with the wind and push her the distance. She sinks in slow, her lungs begin to fill and she gropes for air, her eyes have become red from all the pain she endures, from all the hurts the tears and lies. Save me she pleads, she screams in pain, she screams in hate, take my hands and help me from the bondage myself take me away from this misery of life. She reaches out again and my hands are far. She will die in this pain, she knows. I will stop and pound and hit, I will create a breach to this bridge and one stroke at a time, the glasses of this barrier will come down shattering, my knuckle bleed and there cracks will make wrinkles in my reflection, I will die here I know, I will drown in my own sweat, my own doing, my own tears.

Save me. I will whimper alas, save me from myself, it wouldnt be the hurt from life, it wouldnt be as much that, I will look up blinded by tears, cloudy from a good cry bleeding from the remaining of the broken glasses haphazardly tucked in my knuckles, and as my blood drapes down to my wrists, I will realize that love for me is all there is left.

Forgive me for me, forgive me for my past, and forgive me for peace. With another mirror to stare at my dying soul, it will be all be a new smile, a better smile. Love who you are, learn that as we move to 2018.

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