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Finish Strong

By – Crystal Chinonye


I began this year just like most of us, with lots of resolutions. I will do this, mi will do that, I will achieve this, I will achieve that. I started very strong just like most of us still, but along the line, I lost the vibes. I lost the motivation and I began to live my life, just like the ordinary human again. Normalcy became my cup of tea. Fast-forward to the second half of the year, it dawned on me how much time I had wasted and I resolved to keep up with my resolution and I started again but then, I didnt stop this time, I kept up with it till this moment.

We just got into the last quarter of the year and I know hope far I had gone. I had almost given up on the year, but NO, there is still ample time to get focused and achieve the things I need to achieve. It will take nothing but just discipline commitment and sincere hard work. That is all it will take to finish this year strong.

I dont wish to say I know how you feel, coming to the last quarter of the year with those goals still unachieved, with those achievements yet to be met, with that bank account yet to tick green. It can be difficult and really discouraging but then, there is so much you can do to boost yourself again. There is still time for you to achieve those goals and crush them and end this year happily, there is really so much time that you dont have to give up now.

This year is not yet ended till 31st of December, so get yourself supercharged and set to achieve those goals because they are still attainable. It is not late to finish strong.

However, it is not just about mere words. Finishing strong requires hard work and most importantly, smart work on your part. Get yourself actively involved with activities that are PRODUCTIVE and leads you towards your goals. Consciously detach yourself from people who have little to nothing to offer. They will pay no bills for you. They will rather drain you of the little you have.

I have no doubt that with all these, you can finish strong. Bring out your goal book and strategize, quit focusing on the great goals, focus rather on the few little steps that will get you those great goals, with that, it will be easier for you to get them attained.

Finally, finishing strong is possible only if you envision it possible. Do the best you can. Get around the right kind of people, make every second count, make the most of every time, and consciously move towards your goals on daily basis. Move away from frivolities, spend right, eat right, do things right and always have in mind your WHY. By so doing, all you need to become, all the goals you need to achieve, all the wealth you need to acquire, will come chasing you down.


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