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Finding The Balance Between Family And Your Career

By – Andrew Mejire Etoh

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Eki Anderson is a single mother of three beautiful kids, with so much pain from the travails that comes with losing her husband to a strange ailment, and family drama from her late husbands family, raising her kids had become the sole motivation to live. She strives to build up her career to ease her survival and provide for her family. She works with a big non profit organization, a difficult job in a fast paced environment that requires dedicated hours in completing tasks, assignments and field trips across the country. She cant afford a moment of laxity because of the high risk of losing the job that is so difficult to get. She is beginning to feel so much stress, shes worried and feeling guilty about not having enough time for her kids.

Ekis story is typical in todays society. Parenting is a full time job itself, still juggling a full time job and being a parent is no doodle. Many individuals struggle with striking a balance between their jobs and family and it can be really exhausting, however finding the balance between your career and family isnt impossible. The following tips should help.

Dont beat yourself up

Succumbing to guilt trip for your inability to be right there when your family need you will not do anything for you or your family. Find comfort in the fact that your job might permit you to afford certain classes, educational opportunities, the needed support for your spouse and kids. However, make the most out of any moments you get to spend time with your family; weather its holiday, official leave, maternity leave. Create special family activities such as family nights, family weekends where you completely devote yourself to your family and get the chance to bond with them. Keep in mind there will always be good and bad days.

Be efficient with your time.

Avoid getting distracted both at work and at home. Be efficient with your time at work so you dont find yourself having to stay late at work or taking work home. While at home, the quality of time you spend with your spouse and kids is whats most important. So when you are at work you can focus on work.

Work smart and not hard

Its not so complicated, in order to work smart, you simply prioritize your time, explore and implement simple and yet more efficient ways to get things done. As Syed Balkhi would say productivity and time are elements that require focus… Being at work doesnt necessarily mean that work is actually getting done Staying busy for the sake of being busy can be counter productive so find ways to accomplish set tasks in the most efficient way possible so you have time for your family.

Consider other alternatives

You might need to find quality care, day care options. Still pay attention to detail and from occasionally take time to monitor your childrens progress. If you opt for a baby sitter or professional care giver, you might want to closely monitor them, run regular background checks so you dont fall victim of criminal child traffickers.

If you have a spouse or partner, you can communicate with him or her to help pitch in if his or her time is more flexible than yours.

Again, you might consider the option of a job that is suitable enough to accommodate cutbacks so you can have sufficient time for your family.

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