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Financial Turnaround For 2018 – Continued

By – Kayode Ipadeola


I decided to post this at the wee of the week just for you to start up next week with the real of a changed being. So enjoy.

So my utmost and sincere apologies goes to everyone. I received all the comments concerning my skipping the continuation of the concluding part on the theme up top. Trust me dears, it wasn’t as though I forgot or that I intentionally skipped and jumped to a new theme. The fact is, the write up I posted for last week was one demanded urgency, so I just had to honour that fact first and all was meant for you all (s) perusal.

Now that I got all the comments, urging me to write the conclusion of the above theme, there is absolutely no way that Iam going to ignore or act as if your requests means nothing. NO.

So here is what ya’ll requested…

*. Repetition is the key (contact..)- if nothing is yet to happen, you’re not there yet. There’s a need to keep an open mind and circle back. Definitely, there’s a place called enough, the tipping point where changes start to happen. It can get very subtle. Sometimes you experience any Aha! moment. It happens to me often when I am alone- in the bathroom, gym, taking a walk, doing dishes.

Something drops in my mind and I suddenly get it. The puzzle falls into place reflexively. The same happens with regular meditation.

Until you read or listen to it until you get it you don’t own it. Advertisers understand once is not enough, that is why they keep coming at you until sound track of adverts starts to singin your head. The next time you see the product, it seems to jump at you from the shelves, and if you have the money with you, the rest is history.

*. Do first things first- Never rush to invest your money. Invest in learning first. You can move your money market where the risk is zero while you learn. You need to know what you are doing before you start doing it. Don’t be a fake builder, go study building engineering and go through internship before you practice. Visionlise your destination before you embark on any journey. A collapsed building is much more expensive than doing the right thing.

It is through learning and growing that you become.. when you are, .. doing it becomes easy because it is an expression of who you are. A fish does not struggle to swim. It is when you do it consistently that the result you want starts to manifest.

*. Nothing will change- like the popular saying “nothing will change unless you change”. There is nothing new about the year unless you change. After the cross over routine ceremony, it all returns to norm, same old reality until you do something differently.

Aren’t you even tired of failed hopes?

Circumstances can change in your favor, but you need to be prepared to utilize such opportunities when they come. Cut out distractions and stay focused on the areas you desire to change. The people getting ahead are not better than you. They are merely disciplined people who stuck to one course of action until they got the result they wanted. Stop giving up too and stick with it to the end. It is only by all these you’ll experience a turnaround and a happy new year.

Happy weekend ahead.

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  2. Thanks for the tips bros

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