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Financial Turn Around

By – Kayode Ipadeola


How do I save when my salary is not enough?


It obviously took some time and certain mindset for us to get ourselves into the financial situation we are in currently. Getting out will obviously require a different mindset. You cannot dig yourself out of a situation you dug yourself into. You have to stop digging and start filling because, it will take a while to get out. Your current mindset drove you to take the actions that got you to where you are today and it will require another mindset and a different set of actions to get you out.

What most people do is look for the easy way out. They merely pray for circumstances to change or try a short cut to change. They bypass the process of mental upgrade and go straight to action. That is why people often ask ‘what should I invest?’ and the question on the first paragraph.

Such short cuts do not work in the long term because knowing what to do does not give you the capacity to do it on a sustainable basis. The force of your old habits soon pulls you back.

Get out clause:1

One popular phrase by the lead character of Ken Sato Wiwa’s now rested show was ‘To be a millionaire think like a millionaire’. It is after thinking that you act. That is why asking ‘what do I do?’ is putting the cart before the horse. ‘Who should I be’ would be a better question. You have to become an investor before you start investing. You have to be an entrepreneur before you start your dream business. You have to become an engineer before you start practicing engineering. It is common sense really. That is how things work in real life. First, you have to learn how to become.

The issue now is; how do you become?

This is where preparation comes in. This is where you go back to school. You have to learn. If you went to a university, it should not be very difficult to understand. You don’t become a surgeon by operating on people. You go to school first.

Which area do you want to improve?

There are tons of books or tapes you can read or listen to. Go back to school, period! Attend seminars, get a mentor, and associate with people already doing what you wish to be. Learn till you qualify to graduate, and that depends on how far you wish to go.

Get out clause: 2

Use the power of repetition: some people complain about not seeing the difference after reading several books on a particular field. The process is not yet complete, that’s why it’s called a process- they obviously have not completed the class or qualified as a graduate. There is inevitably so much you can get from reading a book once. Go over it again and again. Each time you read a book, your knowledge expands. When you circle back, you are approaching it with a deeper understanding, hence you gain more. You are diving deeper.

To be continued.

Have a book reading week ahead.

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