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Financial Prudence

By – Odey Emmanuel


A herculean task I must admit, to shut down your loose urge for frivolities and uphold the spirit of maturity and wise spending. This is not a thing of strength or craft or skill, it is a complete show of the matured mind to subject oneself to buying only the things one NEEDS at a particular time even as we place a halt on the WANTS that will always come calling.

It is the culture of self discipline that transcends into our day to day life. So that we spend our money on the things we require rather than on the fickle temptations that strike us every now and then. It requires discipline to not give in and not to be caught off guard allowing us spend so exorbitantly from the small we have amassed over a long period of time, leaving us with regret and gnashing of teeth and inevitable raining down of tears.

A Man must learn not to live above his means, he must be satisfied with himself, he must understand that this principles may be difficult but there are nonetheless relevant and by all means consequential in its application and adherence. They have proven over time that there keep a man far away from trouble and stand in for him when the menace of trials and hardship are let loose and searching for who to devour. For such a man of high discipline and character, his home becomes a fortress, impregnable by even his own careless thoughts. He is so cultured and discipline he rarely spends money on anything by chance or accident. He is easily pointed fingers as being too economical, ungenerous and a skinflint or a miser, but he is sure to stay atop the river when everyone is drowning in the murky waters of lack and debts. He is like that lady who will not succumb to the deceitful desires of her heart that speaks through her friend in the shoes she wears or the sumptuous dresses she adorns herself in. She has chosen to be blind to what she sees because experience has taught her to be mindful of what she engages her eyes in by day before they begin to call at her by night. She must learn to be a good wife, to make useful the small that has been given her today, so that the abundance of tomorrow does not get the better of her. She must understand that wealth is a relative term so that the little she thinks she has is another man’s plenty and vice versa. We must all learn the culture of frugality and embrace our present status without a grumble on our faces for the bird that flies today without perching crawled yesterday without shame.

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  1. chukwu Chima bright

    Omg! U murdered dis one…You are a genius

  2. I feel inspired…

  3. NYC piece man

  4. Great work bruh..

  5. More grace….

  6. We Truly should learn not to live beyond our means .. Good job man

  7. The depth of every line are as amazing as it goes. Odey u good

  8. Your craft is genuine man

  9. People should really learn to manage their resources and not live in deceit that would get them into trouble

  10. Live true, cut your clothe according to your size

  11. The real tutorial we all need

  12. Its always amazing how you use this words, I Rily salute your imagination man

  13. More grace to you my darling. Your words are highly inspiring

  14. You never cease to amaze man . you are just awesome

  15. The picture of your writing are as visible as it goes. My berry u are blessed

  16. We must all learn the culture of self discipline

  17. Man from the first line to the very end was intruguing. And I must draw ur attention to the fact that…. U re jus unique

  18. Finacial prudence is a concept they don’t teach in school but here u are making it as subtle and inspiring in ur unique way. Big ups

  19. the words are well blended
    Love it

  20. You never cease to amaze me baby

  21. This is rily amazing and inspiring

  22. I love dis….. carry on man

  23. Great piece of work Emma

  24. This is a wake up to all you living above ur means

  25. Writers they say are the conscience of the society… I say writers are the pillars of the society using their gift to ensure the world stands and keep moving . nice one odey

  26. All I see is the gift of God..I respect you odey

  27. Your words are just magical keep the good work sir

  28. Well crafted words dearie….u never disappoint

  29. Beautiful insight man ..God job

  30. Odey u are the man of the moment

  31. So true from end to end

  32. It baffles me how ppl pretend and put themselves in trouble. Why dont u jus cut ur coat according to your size and save yourself all the pain

  33. Your imagery as always so clear

  34. Your use of personification and literature is awesome .

  35. Man u ve rily grown beyond expectations . hope u re good its bin a while . miss you bro

  36. Wisdom , wisdom is all I see .man u will go places

  37. You have always wanted to write, you have always wanted to reach out to the world somehow .. I see the reason now. More grace

  38. Your creativity is so pure , so unique ! I are truth in every line all the way

  39. Igodo the man behind d pen

  40. The man of craft and wisdom. Bro I respect you

  41. The sun shall continue to shine on ur path all day long…Amen

  42. Bros u too much joor

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