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Financial Freedom

By – Kayode Ipadeola


Did you just say money cant buy happiness?

Maybe or maybe not. But my Anita would say maybe money really cant buy happiness, but its much better to cry in a range rover than crying on a bike? Before I often see this her saying as a result of her tribe. Ill be like shes an Igbo girl and money means everything to them. Trust me Ive been wrong, I totally agree to her saying now.

All I see everywhere is poverty. It seems brokenness is the trending style. Since we are out here in this crazy-like world, it really doesnt surprise me much, but come to think of it; why do people choose poverty over being wealthy? How come people seem to settle for less this days? Or is it that being broke is actually the ticket to heaven? No seriously I dont understand whats really going on around me anymore. Would anyone in his/her right senses compare C.Ronaldo with Taye taiwo? Why?

The truth is that this particular piece isnt meant for everyone but just for those who choose wealth over poverty; Ive come to realize that being broke is a thing of choice. Get this straight, no one is destined to be poor. Damn no! its those decisions we make now that will determine what our life will look like in the near future.

Look at this this way- you can have your own car, a mansion, and have a family whilst your two kids attend the best of school, or on the other hand, you can be in a rented apartment which you can barely pay for, trek to wherever you work, while your six or seven kids attends a public school very close to the canal, I mean all your six pikin and you cant even afford buying them a schoolbag instead they use this cute bacco bag to carry their books. Im making no jest here, I just meant that, it is as you lay your bed you will lay on it. Its called decision making. This two above people was born equally and both given a choice, the only difference that changed their life is the decision theyve made earlier in life.

Secrets about financial freedom

  • Correct Priorities; the undisputed truth is that your financial future begins with the priorities you choose to set for yourself. A smart person will choose to save than to spend it all, a little savings can actually safe you from a big debt. Financial freedom requires setting savings as a top priority. Without savings, financial success is impossible; with this, success in life is almost inevitable.
  • Self-discipline; many of us have heard about delayed gratification but not nearly so many of us have learned to practice it. Achieving financial freedom absolutely requires us to stop spending money unnecessarily and impulsively. Money should be spent purposely and by plan. Refuse to buy anything at first glance. Instead of saying, 2that looks good; I think I should buy it, you say this looks good; Ill think about getting it later. This habitual act has numerous benefits- it gives you an opportunity to do a little research and buy more intelligently, there also are better alternative products that can offer better prices or values.. And so on.
  • Living Debt Free; there are not many things I learnt from my mom, but one good thing she passed on unto all her children is to be contended with what you have. Living a debt free life is believed by many to be an impossible dream and by many others to be laudable but impractical. I tell you, it is neither. It is totally practicable. You should decide to change your attitude toward debt. Despise it like the enemy it is. Determine to eliminate it. Learn how to live debt free. It will revolutionize your life.
  • Manage Resources; I will simply emphasize here that learning how to keep track of income, expenses, resources and obligations is the beginning, making sure that your money is being used where it should be is the middle, nd evaluating results, making decisions about the future, and guiding your financial situation toward your own goal is the end.

This is indeed the end!

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  1. Hmmm.. @my Anita. nice one . Nice article too.

  2. Lol. Kay are you serious?? Bacco bag with six kids. LMFAO

  3. Well, you won’t cease to amuse and amaze me. You’re like 2in1. Intelligent and Funny. Well done

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