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Financial Fitness

By – Lois Peters


Somethings in life we know are true. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. A body in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force. That what we seek to do, we end up not doing. And no matter how much exercise we do, if youre fat or have fat in your genes, youd definitely get fat again.

But what if were wrong. At least about the last statement or even about the entire subject matter? Last week, I got a clip that blew my mind. A clip that scientifically explains that discerning the virginity of a woman by checking her hymen, is totally babash, as the hymen differs in different women and is elastic. i.e it can return to its original size. Even some ladies have greatly wide hymen naturally. So they proved that the only way to know the virginity status of a woman is simply by asking her. Wow! I was totally stunned, not just because I realized that this was true and would go a long way to set a lot of women free, but I was more concerned that, if we have been living with this myth for God knows how long now and have been very comfortable with it, how much more myths are we currently living with, likewise in financial matters.

Most people believe that the whole thing of attaining financial fitness is restricted to a particular group of individuals with a particular set of personality. We also believe that financial freedom is only attainable to a tier of people in the society based on their background. Against such mentality, I believe that life runs on the fulcrum of certain principles and if you must lead a good or successful life, you must abide by these principles. And for the records, the principles that under guard our life experiences are not a respecter of persons; race, age, background, personality, etc.

However, beyond the principles, one must have need of discipline in consistency if you must birth the experience you are seeking. As much as the natural tendency is to approach financial independence and freedom from the standpoint of how tos steps, formulas, methods etc. As good as they are, this is not the whole story. As a matter of fact, this is about 20% of the story. If you know what to do, but lack the will to follow through consistently to get the desired results, the know how is not much use. Knowledge not applied is useless.

The truth is that, until we grow up and mature in the area of finances; attaining attributes like focus and delayed gratification, we would just be like folks who make new year resolutions but do not have what it takes to follow through. The major thing is to conquer self and exercise self-control, it will be difficult to steer our lives in the direction we desire, be it diet, physical and financial fitness.

Consequently, the primary thing to consider in attaining financial fitness is discipline! You have need of working on yourself, as who you are determines what you become. If you do the same old, you will get the same old results. Sage advice from my dad; its only a fool that does same thing and expects a different result. And if you do not change your thoughts and feelings towards money, you will relate to it the way you always have and get the same results. You are you deadliest enemy at achieving financial fitness!


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