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Fighting From A Defeated Mindset

By – Lois Peters

Have you ever engaged in a brawl with someone you know could beat you?

I would never forget this one time experience I had. It was an experience of a lifetime. Back way in college, I had this encounter with a classmate that changed my life forever. Yes, she was my classmate, but I couldn’t help but fear the very sound of her feet on the floor.  She was such a bully and so big that even seniors could not dare crossing her path.

She was the terror our parents warned us of in tales by moonlight. Her physic was so intimidating that we all worshipped her. Back then, it was a thing of glory to part of her gang. In fact, it was the biggest thing then in college. Yet for some reason, I was part of the few minorities that believed otherwise.

Now believe me, I was not her match in anything whatsoever. In fact I think my convictions of defeating her in a fight was based on nothing. And on that fateful Thursday evening, a day to the close of the term, I crossed her path….errmm… no, she crossed my path or better still, we crossed each other’s path. And someone had to pay dearly for it.

A fight ensued between us both. The whole girls’ hostel was filled with both noise and heroic chants, as if to cheer us on in this fight. I was filled with trepidation of the highest degree. My dear, this was the case of a tiny little David and a humongous Goliath. And with one blow, I was on the floor; rendered immovable. I think at this point, the story of David and Goliath was rewritten.

It was supposed to be a glorious fight, or maybe it was, for my opponent I guess. But there was nothing more demoralizing than the look on peoples face. They believed so much in me and my victory was going to bring down the era of this God called biggie. But the disappointment on their faces was more than a wreath of thorns impressed upon my head.

Amaka my close buddy sought to understand what happened. And it was just then I realized that, irrespective of my ginger, somewhere in me, I knew I was going to be defeated; I entered the ring of this fight with an already defeated mindset. And this was the disposition that made me beatable.

My, life is fraught with a lot of challenges.

Challenges of different size and category

The world rocks on the pedestal of certain realities.

In fact, we are hemmed in a world of the matrix of realities; realities whose awareness or ignorance of them, affects us however.

It is never a wrong thing to recognize this fact. It is in fact, living in folly to live in denial of this truth.

Don’t get it twisted; we are a product of the reality which we choose to submit to.

Your experiences mirror your convictions. i.e. the reality to which you have submitted to. However, the realities we believe are sometimes not profiting.

Dear reading friends, in simple terms, what I’m trying to say is that, our convictions rule our world.

The reason why most of us fail in life is because we already have a defeated mindset. And hence, we live from thence!

There are a lot of us who go through life with the conviction of failure. They believe that they are failures right from birth and therefore whatever they get into, they are sure to fail. Why because, they are fighting or living from a defeated mindset.

Some others also, did not have to have this mindset at conception but could be a product of a major event in their lives. So just like me in that fight, it was natural to shrink in the face of any fight whatsoever, because I’d most definitely think me a failure.

Honey, the challenges in life will not stop coming. In fact, they are there to test your mettle. A victorious mind sees challenges as stepping stones. And this, my friend is not a figure of speech. It is in fact, very literal and true.

But someone with a defeated mindset sees such as a confirmation and consolidation that they are failures. And we forget that we see what we want to see.

You are who you say you are. You are a product of your conviction. And we are constantly remodeling our patterns of thought. But if your current mindset isn’t helping you, change it. If you do not like where you are, mbok, move, you are not a tree!

Finally, never forget this; your life is a mirror of your conviction! Are you fighting from a defeated mindset?


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  1. Wow! This is a great word digest. Such inspiration. Thank you ma.

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