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Have A Fat Purse This Year

By – Uchechi Iroakazi

Have A Fat Purse This Year

Hello dear. How are you doing today? Im particularly excited about this year, because Im certain it will pour out amazing opportunities for you.

However, Im sick and tired of not having sufficient cash to fund my projects. Where does all the money in the world go biko ? Things have to change this year. Honestly, it has to. I know Im not alone in this, I bet you also want to have all the money you need and so much more.

A lot of people believe that the love of money is the root of all evil. Thats true if you give up everything in your life just to have it. Well its not wrong to like money.

You see, money is good. With money you can impact lives, make profitable investments, buy a good car, build your dream house, have an amazing wedding ceremony, take a tour round the world, be a philanthropist and do much more.

Have you heard of the popular Nigerian saying ? Nobody is ugly, only broke. To some extent, this is true. If you flip through the success stories of most celebrities, you will notice a similar trend; most of them had humble beginnings, until money happened. Our stories can change too.

How do we magnet money from millions of pockets into our bank accounts legally? Ill tell you one truth I know; every success story is a story of strive, progress and patience. If you are looking for ways to make microwave money, you wont like the tips Ill share. However, this article will change your mind and teach you the truth.

I love to share beneficial information with you. It makes me super happy. So while I was thinking on how to have a fat purse this year, I discovered the following tips. Ive started applying them. No time to slack, we have to do life big!

# Tip 1-Learn to save

When I was much younger, my aunt gifted me with a fancy saving box. It was blue, shaped like a globe, had the map of the world on it and had a small hole on top, where I could push down my money.

I didnt like the sandals my mum got me, it was plain and ordinary . I wanted something unique and eye-catching. So I decided to buy myself a nice sandals. I would split my pocket money in two, slid half down my saving box and the other in my pocket . By the end of the month, I had saved N300. The sandals I wanted cost N500. My money couldnt pay for it. Luckily my mum decided to make it up for me.

Save intentionally. Dont save left overs. If you have N1000,decide to save 10% that will be N100.

#Tip2-sit your ass down and acquire a skill

If you want to earn more, learn more. Expand your learning scope. Find a skill that excites you and learn about it.

#Tip3- Do more

Know this, you earn money in exchange of the value you offer. In order to have a fat purse, choose to do more than youve ever done. Add more value, go the extra mile, give it your best shot.


Creativity magnets money. What more can you do to what you are already doing? How can you make your cakes taste better? How can you deliver excellent service to your customers? How can you repackage your services, so it can be superb?

#Tip5-stop undercharging

I understand the tale of starting small, growing profitable business, not overcharging your clients if you are a starter. However you shouldnt undercharge too. If you put time, energy and intellectual property into a task, you deserve your pays worth.

#Tip5- ask your boss for a raise

Never be afraid to negotiate. Sometimes, the world never gives you what you deserve, but what you negotiate. If youve been working and you think you deserve a promotion. Be bold, politely ask for a raise.

Five sure tips to have a fat purse this year. I hope this helped you. I need you to know that this tips are not exhaustive. There are some many other thing you can do to have a fat purse this year.

Feel free to comment ,share your thoughts and ask questions in the comment box below. Thank you.



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