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Fat Purse; Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

By – Uchechi Iroakazi

If you have ever been broke, you’ll testify that it is a sun-scotched experience. I remember a certain time when i didn’t have a dime. I had spent so much buying text books and settling pressing matters. I didn’t even have money to buy sachet water. It was terrible. I felt like robbing a bank.

As students, we need plenty plenty money; for food, clothes, text books, health, transport etc. The money we receive from our parents, is smaller than our needs. What then can you do to earn money in school?

A lot.

You earn money when you solve a problem. The good news is that you can solve one. These tips will help you:

  1. Tutoring

If you are good at a course, you can offer to teach your course mates who are doing poorly in that course. You can charge them. Apart from the money you’ll earn, the benefit of tutoring is that you will understand the course even more.

  1. Handling projects

      Most final year students are willing to pay someone to handle their project for them. That person could be you.

  1. Hairdressing

     If you are good at making hair, consider it as a stream of income.You don’t need a shop, you can use your room. All you need do, is manage your time properly, so that your academics doesn’t suffer. You can choose to make hair on weekends or whenever is suitable for you.

  1. Painting

    Paint rooms and get paid. You will me amazed how much money this will fetch you.

  1. Baking

     You can bake cakes and earn. You can also make pastries and sell them in your class and hostels.

  1. MC

     If you know how to make an event lively, using a mic. Then it’s time to turn that hobby into cash. You can be an MC at school parties or events.

  1. Sell clothes, shoes and accessories

    You can liase with someone who already has a boutique and Sell the clothes in hostels. So, for every cloth you sell, you receive a commission. You can keep liaising, till you have enough capital you buy and sell too.

  1. Freelance writing

Scout for firms or online hubs that need good writers. You can earn from writing.

  1. Cook

    Some students, spend lots of money eating in local restaurants and fast food joints. If you are a good cook, you can meet such students and ask that they pay you to cook for them.

  1. Graphic design

You need a computer to run this. But if you are a good graphic designer,then you can make it big in school. You can design fliers,magazines for school events. you can also do designs for your lecturers.

Things you are do to earn cash in campus, are innumerable. I trust that as you subscribe to one of the business ideas, you’ll have a very fat purse. Don’t forget to send my share oo.

Have a super amazing week dearie!

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  1. Great work dear, there’s so much students can do to earn some extra dose of cash for their campus and social needs, I do hope this could get accros to alot of students, both national and international.

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