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Fashion On A Budget; Dont Kill Your Slay

By – Jennifer Ifeoma Ugboh


When it comes to fashion and looking good, we all want the same things; which is to look our best at all times, even  better if we are getting it for less. Nothing beats looking like a million bucks without having to spend the million bucks especially now with the current situation of things.

Every gal knows the dilemma of experiencing a mini heart attack at the thought of spending so much on that fabulous pair of Loubiton red shoes or that prada bag that is simply gorgeous. Once in a while we can relate to the sadness that slowly creeps up on you when glancing at fashion magazines, scrolling through fashion websites, social media (instagram to be precise) or fashion blogs and seeing all the slay queens rocking tall of the swoon worthy outfits, thinking of your bank account while screaming “fix it Jesus” on the inside.

Truth is it’s not like we don’t want to rock these pieces with price tags; we all love the designers but  there is just this tiny voice of reason that keeps screaming “Don’t do it” in our heads and for good reasons too. The good thing is you too can be a slay queen without having to slay your account if you know what I mean.  Looking good is good business I know baby girl I can definitely relate and as a believer, I refuse to accept that a shoe-string budget is an excuse to not look good. Below are a few sure ways to fake it, perfected from years of retail therapy and loonnggg hours spent on fashion blogs;


INVEST IN DEPENDABLE STAPLES: one thing that is constant about fashion is that it is dynamic and always changing, trends come and go at the blink of an eye. Having to do a complete wardrobe overhaul every time a new trend hits you will decimate your bank account. If you love to keep up with trends, it will be wise to invest in a few dependable staples that is sure to never go out of style, switch it up every now and then when a new trend hits, add a few cheap accessories and everyone is happy.

fashion-budget-3SHOP AT A DISCOUNT STORE: Everyone loves brands, custom made wears and the real deal unfortunately not all of us can be Kim Kardashian. It sucks I know, but that is the cruel reality, it doesn’t mean you cannot literarily try to keep up though: you can; by shopping at discount and thrift stores. Trust me when I say it’s not the worst thing in the world. do not look down on these options , they have come a long way and that is because they work, all I am saying is do not completely dismiss the idea until you give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised.

PAY ATTENTION TO FIT: nothing brings out the wow factor in an outfit than proper fit. A knock off dress that hugs your body in all the right places is powerful than an ill fitting million dollar designer dress. This is why you need to Invest in a good tailor, yea it might seem like you are spending more upfront, but think of it as getting a custom made outfit. It’s why you ooh and ahhh over your favorite stars outfits on the red carpet (because they are perfectly tailored to fit their bodies) look for a good tailor in your neighborhood and make them your BFF.


BE CREATIVE: always pay attention to fabric, silk, satin, leather, tweed, cotton and linen always look expensive even if they are not. Get it in black; the dark color gives the illusion of being more expensive. Go for suede shoes as they look chic and expensive. Always be on the lookout for discount deals and sales, accessorize strategically, invest in a pair of nice sunglasses, dependable handbags, and keep it simple and fun.

Style doesn’t have to be expensive; it has nothing to do with money. Employ creativity and skill in shopping and picking out your outfits and you can be “tres chic” at all times. XO!!

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