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Entrepreneurship; The Life-wire Of Any Society

By – Odey Emmanuel

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I am a graduate from the university, polytechnic, college of education etcetera. And I have searched for jobs from the start of the earths foundations to the end of the earths end point yet with all my qualifications, readiness, desires and nous to work, I am yet to secure any that fetches me reasonable amount of money to cater for the numerous flood of issues stalling me in the face. I am so bedeviled by the inanities of self reliance so much I have never for once given chance to the thought of independence and little beginning no matter how meager and paltry. I am so blinded by the rapture of white collar jobs so much I am ready to wait till river Mississippi dries up before I know the doors upon which I knock on may never grant me entrance. I am so engrossed with the petty hush that comes with the so called office job so much one wonders if life is so rigid so much that there is only one path that leads to the dream we all chase, that dream that will bring satisfaction, the satisfaction of comfort and abundance of wealth alongside. One cannot help but wonder if this is true because each time I look over my shoulders, I see young men and women who seem to be tied to this aping and aging spell.

I see young entrepreneurs with all the virtuoso that they require to climb up the successful ladder of life but are wasting and wallowing away in the deceitful fantasies of already made jobs. I see people endowed with awesome skills but are afraid to fail hence that have remained in the trap and dungeon of the gulf and chasm dug by their own lack of sight and depth of imagination.

Mercurial ideas seem to be wasting away, some of whom are fed up already and look to retire to corridor gossip and loafing about when the treasure lies within begging to be harnessed and awaken. Every man who fears little beginning, fears responsibility and life in itself is a responsibility, a herculean one at that. So, we all must gear up and reach out to the inside and see what deposit there is.

I have always believed every man is born great though with varying capacity of greatness so that one does not get to be overburdened by the need to horn these potentials that our dreams may come true. Thus, every man in the words of Karl Marx, each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. It is on the back of this knowledge that I have come to realize that no brain is useless, in my opinion I think there are only used-less.

This is indeed a call to meditation and thorough inward search to liberation and self independence, one that has the tendencies to loosen the shackles that has bound and tied us all together to this tree of file carrying on the street. Remember that ideas rule the world and even though those thoughts running in your head may seem small, keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day and that the journey of many miles is a function of one step at a time.

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  1. The height of creativity

  2. Little beginnings pay. Wise words man

  3. White collar jobss has too much hype jor. We must embrace independence

  4. You have said it all….Nice piece

  5. When u r gud u r gud…. Money fall on you

  6. Great work man…..

  7. Ya indeed a genius bruh…

  8. chukwu Chima bright

    Greatness is from God..God bless ya

  9. Well crafted dearie

  10. Always my numero uno

  11. Entrepuership is just the way out

  12. Our business must pay…

  13. The deposit of Gift in you keep rising by the day bro.

  14. great piece of work bro

  15. your writing has always been top notch boss.

  16. indeed I am privileged go be part of your circle. more grace brother

  17. Your craft is awesome man. weldone

  18. The apex is the begging for yoy Mr Odey

  19. Great mind, great piece of work

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