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Eleventh Hour Victory

By – Odey Emmanuel


It is true we are edging close to the end of the year and many of us may not have yet accomplished what we had earlier planned or negotiated with God. We must however bring to mind the reality that some times, some miracles are better left in the eleventh hour when some persons have taken their eyes off you while some may have written you off already. One must understand that life is not a competition and you do not measure peoples journey by the speed of their vehicles; our destinations may differ. One must acknowledge that every flower blooms at different pace and this same analogy is true with our everyday happenings. We may have had so many things squash by the ill happenings of the previous months and consequently cemented by the errors of the human nature however look on the bright side of life and see the sun shilling profusely towards you. Put your acts together, roll up your sleeves and get ready to do battle for there are more than enough time to get that darling projects together before the year drives away leaving us only memories.

The number of days may not be ample enough but do not give in to the procrastination that brought you this far without results, do not give in to laziness and lethargy for therere your real enemies. Wake up to the reality of what is as take and get going already. Every man has his time and chance; that it is yet to happen for you is because your time had not been placed. Like a football match, there are super subs who happen to be the darlings of their clubs. These players are not always featured until the injury times come calling when the rain is heavy on their clubs and the need for a messiah becomes eminent and necessary. Though late as it may seem these players deliver regardless of the limited time there is. This event has become so consistent that these players now believe in the reality of what they are called; the game changers. It has become so continuous, so much it has registered in their subconscious that they cannot be brought in and not make a difference. Their belief works wonders for them and so it is with other spheres of life for everything that happens in the physical is believed to have been the product and manifestation of the mindset and thoughts we let in and out of our psyche everyday that strolls by hence, we must not submit to negative thoughts and shrill piercing of the seeming cold wind for the sun is only a shade away, continue to persevere and work hard even as you ignore the pangs life throws at you, nature always rewards the works of the diligent and assiduous.

It may look like it has not been scripted to happen, your efforts may seem blue and unyielding but do not give up now. I can imagine the phlegmatic manner with which you attend to issues now because of the pessimistic angle you see things.

It is the penultimate month of the year; it is not over until it is over. There is still so much you can achieve before the year bids farewell think about it.

We all get tired, and every once in a while, were tired enough to quit. Its okay to feel that way, but we must remember that tiredness is not always a sufficient reason to give up. In truth, tiredness is part of life and as long as youre human, you will feel it. So before you give up in the middle of your tiredness, be sure youre quitting for the right reasons. Sometimes what you need is time off, not an exit.

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  1. Good job odey

  2. There is still hope and much more to achieve indeed

  3. Speed truly is not a yardstick to measure one’s accomplishment, some people are in a hurry to nowhere

  4. Igodo I am with you all the way

  5. The end is truly near but a lot can still be achieved. Good job my dearie

  6. Every time you write, u ooze originality and pure talent. Weldone

  7. The whole truth and nothing but the truth

  8. Good job dear

  9. Great work my brother

  10. Very motivational… keep it up bro!

  11. Awesome, you did it again Mr Odey

  12. hmm. good work bigger u dear

  13. Motivational by every means. Good work Emmy

  14. Indeed a lot can be done b4 d year runs out

  15. The respect I have for u is like the running waters. It knows no end bro. Keep it up

  16. Nice job dear. Very inspiring

  17. Top gear bro. Very motivating

  18. The race I not for the swift indeed. Every man has his time. It is never late

  19. Always outstanding…

  20. Nice piece of work odey

  21. Nice one my darling

  22. Nice piece bruh…

  23. Awesome piece man….

  24. Always always, u never disappoint

  25. When ever u speak u oozes wisdom… Ya indeed a genius

  26. chukwu Chima bright

    Always on top of ya game….

  27. Wonderful piece of work.

  28. Fascinating man………..

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