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I Dont Pray To God For Money

By – Lois Peters


Say what?!

Yeah, you had me right, I dont pray to God for money.

I didnt get the opportunity of spending the Christmas or New year with my family. It was the first time ever this is happening. Our baby has grown my mother thought to herself. Because of cause, no one had ever done that in my family safe my elder brother. So it was surprising for my parents to comprehend that their last baby wasnt going to be coming home for the much ado Christmas. What will you be doing in Owerri? my mother asked.my father, he is more on the indifferent side of things when it comes to matters like this. He wants me to show up but then again he understands that my a pretty ass grown woman who can make the decisions of her at this phase of her life.

After much disturbance from my mom to come home…as though there was any million naira waiting for me theremy work presented the opportunity for me to go be with my family. I traveled home for business sent by my company and I maximized the time to see family. And so we got talkingof course you know how family talk can be and how long it can last late into the nighthowever I was ready to make the sacrifice for family.

I never pray to God for money, I never have. As I said that, it was as though I had dropped a bomb; everywhere went silent for a while and then my mom (the Margret Thatcher of our time) reacted; how can you not, dont you know that ..(and she went on and one about how every Christian should put God first in everything they did and sermons like that. Well, I stood my ground.

The truth is that as a child, I never saw the reason to pray to God to send me money or give me money or any of the BS like that. I never understood the rationale in asking him. Humor me at least; how can someone give enough resources and you still demand he give you money? Well at least thats how I reasoned it. God gave you your mind, the least you could do is to put it to good use. Life also gave you a fair deal: do what you love and have passion for and make money whilst doing it.how much more do you need him to do for you?!

So instead of waking up every day, disturbing his ears about some crappy issue as sending money your way, how about you sit your butt down and mine your mind until it produces an idea that can revolutionize your life?

In my little living experience, I have realized one thing and one thing only, that making money is quite easy but not simple. But you must take responsibility and be disciplined enough to get things done and dusted. You cant stay in your house and be expecting a miracle without giving value. And you dont have to take your poverty-driven-anger on someone else, theyve got nothing to do with it.

Can I break the jinx? God has no business with you making money or not. Otherwise youd want to explain to me how unbelievers still make clean money, if making money or being rich was exclusive to Christians.

Remember, this is 2018. You dont want to live the way you did in 2017. Theres enough goody to go round. Pray that God blesses your hustle not to give you money; He aint an ATM machine. You must have something he can work with to make things work for you. Even when He sent Moses on a deliverance errand, He still asked him what hes got in his hands. That thing you may be looking down on might be what he would use to deliver you. Never get it twisted God is interested in your success, but how long it takes, depends solely on you.

Quit praying for money and get to work!

To your success, I take a bow!

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