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Don’t Be Distracted By Success

By – Uchechi Iroakazi

What Do You Need to Succeed?

Success is a cycle that never endsiVenicia

Hi dear. How are you doing today? I hope you have been hitting your goals real hard. If you are not, don’t attempt giving up. Take it one step at a time, and you will surely pull through.

Do you love Success? Oh I love it! It feels really good to beat your chest, smile from ear to ear and jump for joy because you made it. Wow! It’s a wonderful feeling.

Some time ago, I enrolled in a leadership class. It was such a wonderful experience. People who have experienced leadership at different levelsconverged to pour out what they’ve learned over time. I was so happy to be amongst their student. It was a Four weeks class and I made a decision to make the most of it. When the classes finally ended, they issued certificates. They even awarded the best student. Guess who the best student was; you are absolutely right! It was me. I was proud of myself. In fact, I learned a lesson that experience was better at teaching; smart work, diligence and consistency pays big. As I walked towards the pavilion, people cheered, the DJ played the champion song and I was at the peak of euphoria. I claimed my award, received gifts and took pictures. Jeez! Success is good.

while we should allow our victories be reminders of what we have achieved, we should also learn not to perpetually dwell on past glories. There’s is always more. If you were the best student in your class, you could be the overall best student in your school. If you have successfully lost weight by working out, you could teach others how you did it. There is always more to reach out to.

Challenge your self, exceed the limits, soar higher, be a better version of your self. You are a champion, a winner and a goal-getter. Never see less of your self. If you succeeded once, you can succeed all the time. Always reach out for more.


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