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Debtor Tricks; How To Get Your Money Back!

By – Linda Ibeh


The big idea here is to think like a debtor!

This article is not meant to encourage “evil” per say or teach you how to be wicked rather it is geared towards having you conscious of the evil tricks used to skip paying for what someone has either bought from you or cash you lent to them.

Because there are different people on earth with different school of thought and attitude towards things, this is why you also need to embody at least 3 out of these attitudes as mentioned earlier, not to make you bad but to help you think like whichever category of people you find yourself in a tight corner with. Haven said that, we all know or have come across some notorious debtors in our life time. The ones we googled mean bible passages for and sent a 4 page sms to; threatening the wrath of God as punishment, the ones we’ve woken up in the middle of the night to kabash for, the ones that have made us consider joining a gang just to declare them wanted and have them beaten to pulp, the ones we wish we know a soldier for so they can “tidy” them for us, the ones that have brought out the inner monster in us and/ made us cry.

So! Number one thing to do when you have a debtor who has just plain refused to give you your cash is to think like a “badass debtor”

About 8 months ago I was in this situation. You see in order to make ends meet I also do a small business on the side as well as a regular 9-5. So this lady in my office goes ahead to order things worth almost 40k and says she will pay in installments. She paid 5k and that was it. Unknown to me, she had plans to leave the company and we only found out a few days before. Two days before her send forth, I asked “wasup with my money” she replied she had only pounds (seriously o! UK pounds) with her and would give me the next day after she changes to naira. Mind you she has an iphone6s.

Anyway, she told me something had happened and she didn’t know how she lost the money the next day.  She left promising to transfer the money into my account……..7 months later, nothing!! Not a dime nor penny nor quarter penny! My business money!

It’s worthy to mention that she is a tailor and her reason for leaving the company was that she had too many projects and no time to make them because of work. So it wasn’t like she didn’t have a job

I see her uploads on instagram, she is putting up pictures of ladies in her design and she has added weight. I’m like “wait, where did all this flesh come from?”

I tried everything to reach her. She stopped picking calls, will read whatsapp chats without responding.

Second thing to have in life apart from the sixth sense of a criminal is an anonymous ID either on instagram or facebook or wherever is apt for you. It’s a must have.

In the 8th month, I sent her a message from my secret instagram handle telling her I had a contract for her to make office dresses for ladies in my company. She sent all three of her numbers to me (which I never used), we set up a date for her to meet me somewhere and she requested for a number to call on getting there. I gave her a friend’s number. Unknown to her, the address was another friend’s house who was due to move out of Lagos that same weekend so there wasn’t any harm in having her come there. Alternatively, I would have her come to an eatery or any public place. The plan was to just get hold of her phone and then we can talk about how she’d pay me.

Long story short, she came to the house and got the shock of her life! Till this day, the look on her face continues to give me joy. Sadly though she didn’t come with her iPhone claiming it’s been stolen. She was there from 9am to 1noon begging and making promises I knew she wouldn’t keep. But I wasn’t letting her go without my money in my account or cash. She called people and they made her promises to transfer money to her then the next minute their phones will be switched off.

I honestly got tired at a point but when I think of how I managed to get her there and that it’ll take longer to pull any other trick like this with her, I stayed put and held my resolve. Finally she got across to two people who both transferred 15k each into my account added to the earlier 5k she paid. What was left was about 3000 which I knew I wouldn’t see eventually. I sha let her go for National peace sake (winks)

I’m certain that day would be one of her worst and most draining days. Apart from wasting time and transport to my side of Lagos, she paid a debt she didn’t plan. The new people she’s now owing…the ones who did the transfer…not my problem!

If you chose to try this one someone, make sure to comment how it goes.

However, be careful out there and stay safe.

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